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So I’ve completed my migration of my old LiveJournal and MovableType blogs into my current WordPress blog, comments included.  Now I can start putting the legacy blogs in read-only mode!

Second step: Actually start blogging again :P


Blogging 2.0

Over the course of this decade, bloggers evolved from their emo, woah is me rhetoric during the dot-com days to the current tweeing or posting on Facebook information as soon as it happens, right from your mobile device in this social media world. Although most of us on here are now in the frenzy that is the latter, we should all take a step back and make sure we don’t get too much information overload and misinterpret the basic notion of these basic principles:

What’s fact
What’s fiction
What’s just opinion

The past couple of days, I’ve seen posts shared from bloggers that from a quick glance, looks like a full, journalistic article, however upon a slightly closer look, it is what it really is… a blog post. A good blogger would support things like quotes and statements with their actual sources, just like we all had to provide a bibliography for ever paper we wrote while in school. There are some bloggers out that that just spout out their own personal agenda, with the hopes of their fellow trolls and unsuspecting commenters would flood the post with a huge thread.

During my last semester as an undergrad, I took a media GE course which the professor went into a discussion about the blogging sensation. Back in 2005, blogging was making the turn from the personal, yet public diary type idiom to what most of us consider blogging is today… writing about current events and putting a personal spin on it. The biggest concern my professor had then was that bloggers would end up being the primary source of news acquisition for people. I shared this concern with him then and I do so more today.

The major difference between a journalist and a blogger is that the latter usually doesn’t have the skill to convey information that is unbiased and merely factual to their audience. What I’m seeing today is that people are essentially believing everything they’re coming across on the internet and stating it as fact.

The past few days, I have pointed out a couple of blogs that seemed pretty bogus, as I could not find any supporting articles that made those posts accurate. And to those I pointed such things out to, I really don’t mean to sound like an ass about it… it’s just I’m trying to avoid the continuation of the mis-information that can virally spread on the Internet.

If you’ve managed to make it this far in reading, the final thing I ‘d like to convey is that we should all ensure that what we read on the Internet is actual fact before sharing it with each other. A simple Google search can do absolute wonders and you will be doing this social media world a good justice by doing so.

And to end this, a post about blogging I did back in 2005: http://rapp81.livejournal.com/172645.html

Unfortuantely, the CCTimes link is dead from the retro-post.

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To all of my friends in light of the past 24 hours…

First off, for those who keep posting comments on my MySpace page… I finally clicked on the cancellation button – my existence on that POS site will disappear in 24-48 hours.

It would be an understatement to say that the past 24 hours have been heart wrenching. As I started the night off with two PC monitors of information and a TV tuned in to election coverage, the abundance of what was in the wires, on TV, and reactions on my Facebook Live Feed was overwhelming. I took a break from the intensity to let loose for a bit in the Castro, with the block party and bumping into various friends out and about.

When I got back home, I went back to my desk with my three displays only to feel like a truck had hit me. Then I switched back to the Life Feed on Facebook — the amount of status updates and postings from my various friends was absolutely incredible.

I decided to sleep it off as I figured if I stayed up all night I would just go crazy. When I woke up this morning, I just felt like utter crap. I didn’t think I could make it into work feeling the way I did, so I opted to work from home today. Throughout the day, when all the reports were steering towards officially saying that Yes on 8 was going to be a reality, I again turned to Facebook.

What I saw on my Live Feed throughout the day brought me to tears. It wasn’t what people were saying, but the actual people who were voicing out. Never did I imagine as I was growing up through high school and college that I would have a huge network of straight allies, who understand what’s at stake for not just me, not just for gays and lesbians, but for society as a whole.

For those who don’t know my childhood background, I attended Catholic schools from 1st through 12th grade. That being said, I was “indoctrined” with Catholic values, especially during elementrary school and junior high. When high school came along (1995-1999 if you want a timeframe), I wasn’t indoctrined as much. However, I was going through a period of intense homophobia and denial. I already knew I was gay by then, but I tried to deny it and tried to disassociate myself with anyone my peers deemed as gay.

College was essentially the start of my self-acceptance and coming out. It took me two years from the start of college to actually start coming out. Granted, one main reason for me coming out was the ever evident speculation of my friends that kept growing and growing – and in a sense, I had no choice but to come clean, but the way it happened — I don’t regret it in any way.

Going back to why certain people brought me to tears today… Most of these allies had the same upbringing as me (Catholic/Private school). So in sense, they theoretically were brought up with the same indoctrine as me. But here were are, all together in 2008. And to see that they are fighting along with me in the same capacity and disappointed in the same way with today’s outcome – the feelings I have are absolutely indescribable.

All I can say is that I am truly blessed to have such friends in my life. I couldn’t be any luckier to have a network of such awesome people. Although I don’t get to see a lot of you guys in person that often, there is still a reason I keep you as a friend on Facebook  Each one of you individually has made a mark within my life. Whether that mark be tiny or huge, I do treasure all of you equally.

Thank you to all for helping society, gay and lesbians, and myself. More thanks to those who’ve contacted me the past couple of days about this fight. Let’s continue fighting and make more impact! We’ve gotten this far in eight years… we can do it!

Btw, DLS/CHS c/o ’99 folk… I better see ALL of you at our 10 year reunion next year! And yes, Emily Clark, I will put those moves on the dance floor! You can definitely count on it! =)

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Deleting MySpace on Election Day

I'd do it now, but I'm giving notice for those I can only contact on that POS site...

Reason is explained in my cancellation letter to Tom...



I'm disappointed in you.

Allowing such a bigoted and hateful group to advertise on your home screen... I'm talking about the Yes on 8 ads.

This is why you are losing to Facebook. It's because of crap like this!

You set your site's ads to tailor towards what one's sexual preferences are. And here you go allowing such a despicable ad to appear. At least money hasn't gone to Mark Zuckerberg. He didn't let money go to his head and turn his product to crap!

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic, Tom!


I rarely go on that site anyway. I was teetering on the thought of canceling, but this was the absolute final straw!

So Facebook is where I'll be solely from now on.

Hotness in The WC

Bay Area Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot - Videos - KNTV
Source: video.nbc11.com
KNTV - Video - A red flag warning is back in effect in the Bay Area as the summer rapidly comes to a close.

Look at where Cheryl Hurd does her live shot... First Republic Bank, Walnut Creek - Civic! (formerly known as Bank of Walnut Creek Corporate)

I sometimes miss working at our office in The WC... especially now since our new IS office at FRB WC-Broadway has a window that faces Civic Center Park :P

Mmmm... The WC hotties! LOL


So two weekends ago, I Rick Rolled Hula's in Honolulu (which I still have to upload from my Treo)

My friend Joel sent me the following video...

Now, somebody has way too much time on their hands, but OMFG is this awesome!