Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Hella busy for me this past week!

Last week briefly... Adam came down Thursday, went with me to KoC.  Left w/o closing out my tab.  Luckily Kris (bluize) closed it out for me (thanks!).  Adam stayed the night, left early to do his audit.  Got a call from Scott (biglovescott) telling me that Adam left his phone at my place.  Head over to the Century block on Winchester, but before getting a haircut at Great Clips next to Pizza My Heart, where I ended up being their first customer for their grand opening (I thought they were already open).  Met up with Adam and Scott, lusted over the money manager at the 22 (straight, of course), then had lunch at the Elephant Bar in Campbell.  After that, drove back to the East Bay, stopping by Fry's and Sunvalley in Concord.  Sat is already posted.

This week...

Left my 119A class early.  First went home then to San Pablo for the viewing and service for Jonathan Chow's father, who died of an heart attack last Thursday.  My mom was already there, when my brother, sister, and I showed up.  We bumped into the mom and sister of my brother's old classmates from St. Joe's... the Bradley's.  Apparently Lea knew Jon's sister.  After the service, we went back home, waited for my mom to come home from choir practice at Carondelet, then headed back to SJ.

Went to my business ethics and QBA classes, then drove straight up to Colma for the burial.  Wow, nobody drives up 280 during the late morning!  Met up with Anthony (SJSU "Shut up") and some of Jon's friends from Davis.  After the service, we went to Jon's uncle's house in Daly City, where I got lost, because some tards could not drive through a 4-way stop!  We end up finding the house, after calling Jon's uncle.  Anthony was complaining that he wasn't going to be able to make it to a BBQ in Davis, as his ride was still hanging around (he left his car at the church in Pinole and carpooled down).  What a dork.  Everyone who was left ended up going to Goldilock's in SSF... ah South City.  LOL  After that, they all went for coffee in Alameda and I went back to SJ.

Met with our new client for our 119A project.  Had a very productive meeting.

Went to yet another SCU GALA meeting.  A lot of people showed up again!  That's so awesome!  Last quarter, I was one of the 3-4 who showed up weekly, even though I'm not even an SCU student.  Heh.

I already talked about the QBA exam... meh

This Weekend
Doing the MIS experience, got Chris's (crhale) Rock 'n Doc premiere at Greg and Justin's, maybe SF.  Adam's coming down this weekend as well :)

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