Rex (rapp81) wrote,


Argh... backlog! (and a posting delay... almost 24 hours later)

Had Chris's (crhale) premiere of his latest Rock 'n Doc, The Road Trip to Seattle.  Chris was in Seattle the week before I went there for his cousin's wedding.  Of course, HHC (Hale's Hot Cousin, Carlo) was featured in his boxers :P  Fucking hot!  Roshnee told me to back off when she heard me lust for HHC.  Heh.  We weren't able to see the second half of the longest of the all the RnD's, but because I wanted to freak Roshnee out, I brought my ALF DVD set.  We watched the unaired pilot, the gag reel, and a couple of episodes.

All of us went out for Stefan's (schnup009) birthday.  The surprise of the night was when Ken showed up!  I haven't seen him for about a year!  Justin just got his new Prius and showed it to us.  Awesome car.

Adam came down, watched Shaun of the Dead at the Great Wall Mall in Milpenis Milpitas.  One of the cashiers in box was someone I worked with while I was working there, but I didn't get a chance to talk to her.  After the movie, we went to the Macaroni Grill for dinner.  The mater'd commented on our shirts, asking if we planned on wearing the same kind of shirt.  During dinner, we kept looking at one of the servers.  I hate it when you can't tell if a guy's gay or just fucking EMO!

After dinner, we headed over to KoC where it was utterly dead.  I sang four songs in the course of 2 hours!  After KoC, we headed over to the Brit, downtown, and caught up with Chris and Brian.  I finally got to meet Brian's crack head roommate, Phil.  The split instant Phil and I were introduced, he started to talk about how we should head over to Tres Gringos because of the lack of pussy here.  I wasn't sure if I should tell Phil that I didn't care for pussy.  Instead, I was trying to hold my laughter, which was really hard to do.  I ended up singing a song at The Brit.

Adam and I called it a night and headed back to my place.

170 Exam... 'twas ok

Went to Chris's and watched Real World... Karamko (sp) is a asswhipe!  I knew that from the first episode, but Chris said I was just being racist, until this episode!  Bitch!  Heh.

Client meeting for my 119A project, gave some college advice to a HS junior (so cool!), then headed over to the GASPED meeting at SCU.  Met some more cool chaps this week.  NORMAL PEOPLE :)  Heh.

Had a late dinner @ KFC on 12th and Santa Clara.  There was this cute older guy there.  Anyhow, afterwards, I decided to walk by the OMG house.  I miss going there for parties and such :/

Alright, should switch back to Word, taking notes :)

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