Rex (rapp81) wrote,

It's one of 'em teaser posts

I'm sitting in Hercules right now, waiting for Geno to call saying he's leaving SJ for SF... as it only takes me a half hour to get into the city.

I want to fill you in on stuff that's been going on, but I want to make a thorough post, so I'm just going to list some teases.

  • I may have a 17-year-old stalker

  • Typical Mardi Gras in SJ

  • Being a good Catholic boy on Ash Wednesday

  • Fun Times @ Karaoke

  • Being a Traitor and Attending SCU functions

  • Chris Hale's Birthday

  • Yeah, just wanna keep you guys on the edge of your seats :)

    Ok, back to watching Chicago.
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