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Kick ass weekend!

Went to Valley Fair with Chris (crhale) and Amber for dinner and shopping. There's this cute boy who works at Macy's in men's formal wear :P For all I know, he isn't even legal yet... :/

After VF, I ventured over to KoC. Not as busy for a Thursday night. I ended up leaving sometime after 11 and drove straight up to Hercules.

When I got there, my mom was still awake. Since she now commutes to her new job in Berkeley (which is 15 miles) instead of South City (which is 35 miles), she's up way later. As usual, she keeps asking if I'm eating, as she insists I look thinner from the last time she saw me two weeks ago.

Started my day by washing and waxing my car, along with doing a huge ass load of laundry. Then I had my 2 1/2 hour dentist appointment. (they were behind and understaffed).

Went to Best Buy to browse for a bit afterwards and found out that Degrassi: The Next Generation Season One was on sale on DVD! I had to get it. In case you don't know, I am a Degrassi freak dating back to the original Degrassi. The box set boasts about 15 director's cut episodes, which means the original versions that were aired in Canada (The-N! censors and cuts a lot of scenes because American TV sucks!)

Back at home, I had dinner and watched the season premiere and second episode of DTNG. Did I already say I'm a Degrassi freak?!? Heh. The season premiere episode was about Paige's rapist's, who is hella hot, trial. The next episode is about Marco coming out to his mom and his semi-break up with another hottie Dylan.

My sister was eagerly waiting for my mom to leave for LA as she wanted to sneak out... My mom finally left and my sister did as well a few minutes after.

Here's where the kick ass weekend kicks into gear...

Drove down to San Ramon to meet up with Paul. Helped him pick out an outfit, then headed down to Santa Clara. As I passed the Dublin interchange, Brian returns my call and is interested in going to the SCU party. I asked where he was and he replied, "in a old british phone booth". "Oh, you're at The Brit... so meet you downtown?" What a dork.

We end up taking a detour to DTSJ, only to find out that something was just getting out at HP Pavilion. Damn! When we met up with Brian, we took Santa Clara St. on to The Alameda, which took forever to get past the Caltrain Diridon Station. Soon enough, we make it to the party.

The party was kicking when we arrived. Josh was obviously drunk already. Saw the rest of the usual SCU crew: Chris, Jenny, Amber, Grant. The official start time of the party was at 10, we got there at about 10:15, SCPD broke up the party at 11:15.

Being smart, most of us just walked around for a half hour or so and came back. During that time, Brian followed a random group of people. Paul and I just gawked at all the hot SCU guys roaming around. The atmosphere there is so not like that of the area around SJSU... not even close, considering that SCU and SJSU are 4 miles apart from each other.

We got back to Josh's house, where Brian of course, the center of attention. Jenny was the only one who got lucky out of all of us and met this freshman girl. Outside, Josh and Grant were arguing about how Josh claimed the shirt he was wearing. Brian was in British mode and Josh loved it. For most of the night, I was jokingly flirting with Brian. :P

Eventually, Brian invites a bunch of us back to his place to watch The Family Guy and The Little Mermaid on his LCD projector. Josh, Grant, Justus, and Claire come along. We get to the apartment to find Brian's crack head roommate, Phil, getting stoned. To make it short and sweet, Phil flirts with the only female in the apartment and she fails to understand our facial and hand movements telling her to say no! Eventually Phil gets the clue and heads off to his ex-wife's.

Josh and Claire soon wanted to leave. They were going to walk, but I offered them a ride back. On the drive over, Claire was saying how one of the cops was hitting on her as he was looking over her license. Wow, she got hit on twice that night, badly at that!

Back at Brian's, Grant and Justus had a conversation about body hair. Grant was talking about how he tweezes below his chest. Yeah, it was kinda hot at Brian's :P

A little before 5, we all decide to head home.

Woke up with a headache... spent most of the daytime slothing (Katie's word! heh). Drove over to VF to get a phone charger (as I realized I left mine in Hercules) and a burrito at Rubio's. Then headed over to Greg & Justin's for the Christina's in Town from LA Party. Pot stickers and the latest Tony Hawk on PS2 started off the evening. Then everyone showed up. The party didn't last too long. When Greg, Katie, Christina, Billy, and I went to La Vic, most people left as well.

We went to the new La Victoria on Santa Clara, which was kinda a mistake, since Santa Clara was backed up with all the ghetto ass people trying to head back to East SJ. Nightlife downtown used to be balanced, but lately it's been getting bad. The west end of downtown is still my preferred place to hang, but even there, it's kinda changing. Anyways, at La Vic, we bump into Kevin and that encounter was interesting, to say the least.

After La Vic, we head back to the house only to find a handful of people still around. Donnie Darko is playing in the family room and I end up falling asleep on the couch (after flirting with Brian once more...heh) I woke up at around 7, noticed Greg passed out on the floor, then decided to drive back to my apartment. Driving back with the rising sun right at ya is not fun at all!

Slept for most of the day, went to KoC just to get out. Only a handful of people were there at first, then it got busy. Talked a good bit with Mike Webb, along with all the other regulars.


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