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Wow, that's pretty sobering... the end of civilization!

That, my folks, is a quote from some quack of a TV show host (paid programming, should I add) I saw on WB20 this morning, after a report about the repercussions of same sex marriages played.  It was a daily talk/magazine show produced by CBN

During the package, I couldn't help but laugh while the right wing "reporter" was spouting off statistics:

Netherlands Gay couples: Relationships lasting 1.5 years
(AIDS Journal 17, 2003)... Why is such data in "AIDS Journal"?!?

43% of white homosexuals had slept with > 500 men
28% of white homosexuals had slept with > 1000 men
('Homosexualities", 1978)... 1978, huh...  Could you not find any current, accurate data?!?

If you want to see the report that was in today's episode, along with some retarded commentary, go to the show's website and click play now.

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