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I don't know why I put off writing stuff when they happen.  Anyway...

Turned in my paperwork for graduation!  I'm so psyched!  Went to karaoke... usual ton o' fun!

Saw The Laramie Project.  A few good actors, though some just seems to be either overdramatic for a reality play or just recited lines.  But the last few scenes were intense.  I could hear people crying and I, myself, cried a bit.  Afterwards, went backstage with Roshnee, Chris (crhale), Amber, and TVRFT Amy Glazer.  Got to see most of the actors come out and Amy was recruiting many for one of her upperdivison classes.

We went back to Chris's for a bit to see him play Tony Hawk's Underground 2 then ventured to The Brit, along with Greg, Katie, and Tony.  After closing, a fight broke out... way funny!  Go The Brit bouncers and SJPD!  All of us, except for Chris, went back to Greg's.  I rode with Tony and Katie to direct Tony to Greg's house.  Before that, we tried to find Cynthia and her friend, but gave up on them.

At Greg's, we just hung around, and watched XMC.  I ended up falling asleep, reclined on one half of the loveseat.  The next thing I knew, Tony, who was on the other side, must of forgotten I was there, as he tried to sleep perpendicular to me and strattled his leg on mine.  Eventually, his legs laid on my thigh for the rest of the night.  I was too tired and drunk to do anything about it (and no I was not thinking about taking advantage of the situation... I do not think about those types of things with friends... well maybe one or 2... Where was Mr. Trenner?!? LOL)

Tony was the first to leave, then Katie.  Chris came by and Roshnee and I headed off.  We stopped by In 'n Out for lunch then Border's at Oakridge to get Roshnee's script for Secretary for her next film project.  I was dropped back to my apartment after that, where I gathered some things, then went up to the East Bay.

Stopped by Fry's in Concord to get a new HD and DVD burner for the house.  Got home, tried to nap for a bit, but that failed.  Then Cari and I went to De La Salle to see Here and Now, the play that my brother, Randall, did ten years ago where his Jack in the Box incident occurred.  Yeah, Patti's recycling plays again.  When I saw this play ten years ago, in the eighth grade, I was so amazed at how those students acted and it made me want to do Company (name of DLS/CHS theatre group) when I got into DLS.  However, if I were to see the production I did on Saturday, I don't think I would have the same feeling.

This unique play within a play requires an actor to truly be themselves as who they really are in real life and the character that they are "playing in the play".  However, for the most part, it was a bunch of HS students, reciting lines.  Actors were dropping lines, nobody was picking up on crucial cues, there was no feeling or energy in the performance.  Ten years ago, every single actor was in character, and I actually felt like the performance in front of me was realistic.  I can't say that for this current performance.  Audience laughter and reaction was very minimal, versus ten years ago.  There was a comedic character in the play and in this performance, he just recited his lines, so nobody caught the humor of what was actually being said.  Ever since I graduated, I've attended a handful of Company productions, and every time I see a new production, the energy of the cast on stage seems to dwindle more and more.  I popped in the tape of the 1994 production of Here and Now, to make a comparison with the show I saw on Saturday.  I was still amazed at the performance of 1995, just like I was when I first saw it back then.  Compared to the 2004 performance, 1994 still is the better performance.

Before the show, we chatted with Jessica Cozzoli and her parents.  Kevin's apparently getting his teaching credentials in the Channel Islands.  During intermission, I said hi to Patti (the director) and gave her a big hug.  The last time I saw her was back in May, at Mrs. Galetto's service and afterwards at Denny's.  Cari was standing next to me and Patti didn't notice her.  Cari and I were like, ok....  After the show, we waited for Patti, and chatted with Katy Libby for a bit.  Cari then approaches Patti and she's like that was you next to Rex!

Cari and I decided to hit Crogan's, but when we got there she said that all she had was her passport.  Crogan's doesn't allow anyone under 25 to use a passport for an ID.  WTF?!?  So we decided to hit 1220.  I didn't know if it was country night or not, so we chanced it.  I got there first to find out it was country night.  Damnit!  Contrary to what Chris thinks, I'm not really attracted to gay rednecks!  We had a drink there then left.

Usual family stuff, then went to KoC.  Started off slow, but picked up fast, but only for a short time.


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