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Fucking DLS Football Team!

Nate (natetl17) filled me in on tonight's De La Salle  / Clayton Valley game.

NateTL17 (10:12:09 PM): what the hell
RAPP81 (10:12:16 PM): what?
NateTL17 (10:12:26 PM): dls tied cv
RAPP81 (10:12:51 PM): WTF?!?  What was the score?
NateTL17 (10:12:55 PM): 17 17
RAPP81 (10:13:04 PM): How fucking lame
NateTL17 (10:13:09 PM): cv blocks a punt in the final seconds and kicks the game tying field goal
RAPP81 (10:14:30 PM): wow...  so it's what, 1-3-2?
NateTL17 (10:14:35 PM): yeah
NateTL17 (10:14:36 PM): lol
RAPP81 (10:14:44 PM): damn

Ok, off to hit Downtown SJ :)

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