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Former DLS Admissions Director / Faculty Dies of a Heartattack

My cousin forwarded me the details...

From: Brady, Br. Christopher
Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2004 5:34 PM
To: Everyone DLS
Subject: Rudy S.

On Saturday morning a call came to the Brothers Residence from Derek Schulze informing us of Rudy's death and wanting the phone number of Mont La Salle. I activated the "phone tree" and trust that you were notified in a timely manner. A special thanks to those of you who had to make this most unfortunate call to your colleagues and co-workers.

The body of Rudy is still in the possession of the coroner and when released, will be cremated at his request. Christian Brothers HS in Sacramento is planning an evening memorial for it's school community on Thursday. The public memorial will most likely be held at Holy Name Church in San Francisco on Saturday in the early afternoon. Final time has not yet been decided (probably 1:00 PM). The burial will be a family affair.

The Brothers community here on campus will hold a memorial mass for Rudy on Thursday at 7:30 am in the Chapel. All faculty and staff are invited to attend.

For you information I have attached the article that appeared in the Sacramento Bee this morning. The only correction to the article was that Rudy actually died at 9:45 PM on Friday.

Rudy, on Friday evening, was returning home after reaping the benefit of a short visit to a casino when he had his apparent heart attack. He and I had spoken on the phone Friday because yesterday was his 51 birthday. Earlier this month he had a physical and the doctor decided that a pacemaker implant was appropriate and it was scheduled for this coming Tuesday afternoon. Rudy told me that is was feeling absolutely fine and was not at all anxious about the procedure.

During his 15 years at DLS he served our young men in a variety of capacities. In the end, he was what we hope all of our graduates to be Les homes de foi… “a Man of Faith.”

To those who knew and loved Rudy may you take comfort in knowing that he made a significant difference in people's lives by just living a normal life that was filled by serving others and knowing that in the end, is was how he taught and loved others that made the difference.

May he rest in peace.


Br. Christopher

I never had him as a teacher, but he was well known around campus. One of the funniest memories I have of him was when I was in my limo for Senior Ball. Before the incident with the latinos wanting to kill us for just being a bunch of cheering HS students in a limo en route to a formal, we noticed Schulze a few lanes over in the Bay Bridge toll plaza. We rolled down our windows and started to yell out his name.

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