Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Alright, No More Teasing...

So here are the events that left you guys hanging...

I May Have a 17-year-old Stalker
Alright, I've got a few profiles up just for shits and giggles and on it has an alternate screen name I use. Well, I got a random IM from this 17-year-old. I was in class and chatted for a bit. When I was about to leave for class, I said that I was going to head on out and said goodbye. I get back home, as soon as I hit I'm Back, the kid IMs me saying I was thinking about when you would be back online OMG....

Typical Mardi Gras in San Jose
It was yet another night full of dumbass ghetto people thinking the police are being too intrusive the the downtown Mardi Gras celebrations. The city has made it clear that the night is no longer a street event and it should be in the bars, but people en masse just crowd the entire downtown area and loiter. There was some minor disturbances, but not as much as year's past. After walking around the entire downtown area, we settled at Britannia Arms, on the west end of downtown, where the crowd was completely civil, orderly, and of course fun!

Newslink (SJ Merc)
Newslink (SJSU Spartan Daily)
Newslink (SJSU Spartan Daily Picture)

Being a Good Catholic Boy on Ash Wednesday
I went to SCU's 10PM service. I really love going to services there. Not only because the atmosphere is different than that of an ordinary parish service, but there is also a lot of eye candy there. Yes, I am also a filthy Catholic boy and I'm going to burn for saying that :P

Fun Times @ Karaoke
It has now become an obsession... I go like 3 times a week, with Monday being suicide night, where a song is randomly selected for you to sing. It's always good to meet up with several of my friends there for a funfilled night of singing and socializing.

Being a Traitor and Attending SCU Events
One of the SCU campus groups I sometimes take part in was holding a karaoke night. How could I pass that up? There wasn't a real good turn out compared to last year, but all of us still had fun.

Chris Hale's Birthday
Friday night, after the SCU thing, I went downtown to meet up with the gang to celebrate Chris's 24th birthday. I caught up with them at The Brit then headed over to O'Flarahaty's to have some cake and pie.

I will post what happened this weekend later on.

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