Rex (rapp81) wrote,


With the exception of Thursday, the weekend was kinda blah...

Classes were meh...

Went to KoC. Chris (crhale), Greg, and Brian joined me. It was Greg's second time @ KoC, while it was the first for the other two. Chris got to sing a few songs (as the selection at KoC is way better than that at either The Blank or The Brit) and everyone was hitting on Brian, despite the fact that he's straight (or so he seems... LOL). Alex (cekyr0) came up to me several times, damning me for bringing a hot straight boy to the bar. Later on, Paul came up from San Ramon.

I ended up closing out the bar with some of the crew, which is rare for me nowadays. After some Apu yelling outside, Alex, Jefferson (jeffercine), Eddie, Brian, and I went to Denny's, where all of us were being totally retarded. We were a riot the entire night. I didn't get back into my apartment until 4:45a and I had to be at the library at 9a for Roshnee's film shoot.

Got up at 9, took a shower, then headed over to the library. The shoot took a few hours. Of course, Roshnee stressed herself out when she didn't need to.

Later on, we picked up Greg, had dinner at Burger Barn, then went costume shopping. Greg got his Dexy Midnight Runner's costume and I decided to be a Top Gun character (exact character TBD), by getting an Air Force shirt and hat.

After costume shopping, we dropped Greg back at his house and the rest of us chilled at Chris's. We then ventured over to the Caravan, where it was packed, but lame and went to another lame dive bar, Cinnebar. After a short time there, we headed over to the Flying Pig, which used to be one of my favorite bars back in the day (and I mean back in the day, when I didn't know any better). Greg and I walked around the block for a bit, just talking and segregating ourselves from the rest of the group. The night really wasn't too exciting

NOTHING.... NOTHING AT ALL... And by the looks of the active people logged on AIM, that was what everyone else was doing.

Went to the Santa Clara Costco. Somehow lost my receipt after having a candid convo with the cashier. Had to flag down a supervisor (red head :P) and passed my card to another sup. While waiting, another hot sup, who I haven't seen in almost a year (last time I saw him, he was just a cashier), kept walking back and forth from the office. Everytime he passed by me he would glance at me. Eventually, he was the one waiting for my reprint to come out and while waiting, I saw through the office door him fiddling with my card in his hand. I was going to say something whitty when he came out, but there was a mad rush of people going in/out of the office. He opened the door only to lean back as if he was going to be bombarded and handed me my card and reprint. All I said was thanks so much! with a huge smile on my face.

Adam came down and we watched Friday Night Lights at Milpitas. Then we had dinner at Pasta? in Downtown Mountian View, followed by KoC. It was really dead for a Sunday. There was a slight annoyance last night, but oh well...


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