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Rant on Bay Area Radio

Ok, Chris made his rant based off my short, drunken feelings about the matter... now here is my sober rant.

The Bay Area, north to south, is about 80 or so miles long.  I generally commute for about 60 of those miles on a frequent basis.  A year ago, I could listen to KSJO all the way up and down the bay w/o having to turn away from the station (except for commercials).  So if I started to drive from SJ back up to Hercules, my dialing routine would start off with 92.3, then once I hit the Dublin interchange 92.1 (Walnut Creek simucast), then over to 92.7 (Alameda simucast) when I hit Franklin Canyon.

First, 92.7 turned Spanish, then back to KSJO, then back again to an array of business transactions and format changes.  Then recently, Clear Channel changed the WC simucast to accomodate the KABL changeover back to FM.

The thing I'm most upset about is the fact that Live 105 is now pretty much the only station that covers the entire Bay Area that plays the music I like the most.  But even with Live 105, they've been changing their focus to the high school aged crowd, versus the mid-20+ crowd.

When I'm up in Hercules, I'm in a spot where I have to constantly try to get a good signal of either KWOD 106.5 from Sacramento, 101.7 The Fox (The Rock of Sonoma County), or low wattage 90.5 The Edge from Concord.  I could barely get KSJO on 92.3, but it was a limited option before Friday.

One of the articles said the KSJO's ratings have dropped significantly from two years ago.  Well, one reason is the fact that they've streamlined their morning broadcasts.  But secondly, they virtually cut a lot of their audience by dropping their simucast stations.

I really didn't care for any of the on-air talent of KSJO, just the music they played and the matter that they played it.  It was for the mature, who was beyond the HS pop rock mentality.  No other Bay Area radio station was like KSJO, not even close.

So now I sit at my computer, listening to KVHS over the internet.  At least over there, DJ spots aren't filled (since DJs are either CVHS students or in the county ROP), so it's constant kick ass music!  Plus, since it's a HS station, they only play cheesy ass PSAs :)

*goes and researches satellite radio*

CBS5 Newslink and Video
KRON4 Newsvideo (Hold the <Ctrl> key immediately after clicking link if you have XP SP2 and are blocking popups)

For the record:
Stations I listen to in the Bay Area (other than the ones already listed above)
Alice @ 97.3 SF
Channel 104.9 Sunnyvale/SJ
Mix 106.5 SJ
98.5 KFOX SJ
-and if nothing else is decent on the radio-
Star 101.3


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