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Halloween Weekend

As soon as I stepped back into my apartment after my last class, I called Adam and asked where he was on the road.  After he said San Carlos and 87, I was like, ok... way sooner than expected.

I waited on the campus side of San Fernando, by the disabled lot.  He pulled up to a red light and I approached his truck, scaring him.  Heh.  We then ventured over to Valley Fair and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  Most of our dinner was spent gawking at the hot mater'd.  Heh.  After dinner, we roamed around the mall.  I was going to show Adam the hot guy at the oxygen bar that Scott (aairn) also talks about.  However, the kiosk across T-Mobile was replaced with a garbage can!  With a huge sense of dismay, I tried calling Scott but got his VM.

After walking around the corner, I found salvation!  It was moved to the old sunglass kiosk across from Hollister Co.  The guy was there, wearing a t-shirt, revealing a really nice tatoo on his upper arm.

After going around not really buying anything, Adam and I headed over to KoC.  It started off dead, picked up for a bit, then died down again.  Originally, Adam wasn't going to go to the Halloween party on Friday, but after persuading from both me and Eddie, he decided to go.  During the night, I saw many people whom I haven't seen at KoC for a while, including Bjorn (entropyca) and David (deekers.

I showed off the new slips I had made for karaoke... everyone was impressed at how I made them from boredom!  Heh.

Got up mid-morning.  Adam went with me for a haircut at the Great Clips at the Colonade, where they remembered me being the store's first customer, even though they think my name is Steve.  Hmmm..  I still got a haircut for $4.99 as the promo ends on the 5th (I think).  After that, I showered and chilled around for a bit before heading over to Daly City so Adam can take a look at the inventory calcualtion issue and if it was resolved.  Before we left, the managers were talking about an issue with the T-cons.  OMG, it was like I still worked for Century.

When we were finished at the theatre, Adam and I were trying to figure out what to do next.  We were both hungry, but the places near the theatre weren't too desirable.  Originally we were going to eat then see a movie at 4:45, so we had 2 hours to kill.  I suggested maybe taking BART to Union Square/San Francisco Centre.  Adam never been to either before so we decided to head on over there.  The parking garage by the theatre strictly prohibits BART parking (since the BART lots charge parking and the complex lot doesn't), so we had to avoid the security guards.

We took BART to Powell and first walked around Union Square.  Went into Macy's Men's and saw some hot, young Brits :P  Then we went into SFC.  Checked out the Cafe at Nordstroom's but decided to pass.  Instead, I suggested we take MUNI to the Castro.  Before heading over there, we looked around AnF.

To get to the Castro, we took the MUNI street car.  We ended up eating at Pasta Pomodoro.  There were a total of three people eating there and about five minutes after we showed up, a ton of people rushed in... barely caught the end of the deadness!  After dinner, we walked around,  looked at the various videos and toys at The Glutch, then took MUNI Metro back to Civic Center to catch BART back to Daly City.

When we got back to Daly City, there was a guard at the first stairwell of the garage, so we had to walk back to the theatre, stare at the box office and this one cute cashier, then walked back to the garage.

We stopped by my apartment to get dressed then headed off to the KoC Halloween Party.  For the first couple of hours or so, it was cool to see friends dressed up and such.  I didn't recognize Matt (dancin_whitey) as he dressed up as Ozzy! After a while, the crowd changed quickly and it soon was a bit meh to stay.  So I called up Chris (crhale) and he said that they were watching The O.C. season one at his place.  We ventured over there only to find out that Amber was going to bed soon, so Adam and I finished an episode with the gang and we ventured to O'Flarhaty's.  Fun times talking about random stuff.  Greg talked about how he tuned in to KSJO that morning and heard mexican music.  All of us were like WTF?!? and couldn't believe him.  Greg had bets going, but I didn't bet.  When the bar closed, we went to Chris's car and checked it out.  You all should know the outcome of that now.  Reacting to such things while drunk isn't a good thing for me, btw.

Adam spent the night again, but left in a hurry in the morning.  He thought it was Sunday and didn't realize his mistake until he pulled up in a gas station.  (He had an audit to do in Reno and had to drive up on Sunday).

Later that evening, Justin picked me up in his Prius and all of us went to Yoni's for his hallowen party.  When we got there it was dead, so we brought it to life!  As Chris said, it started off cool and fun, but some random people showed up.  Though some were hot, they seemed to be assholes.  We left a little before 1AM was to be the time once more for the night (end of PDT).

I got up and went over to Chris's to fix his wifi router.  After that, we went to the Santa Clara Costco.  He exchanged this copy of The O.C. as one of the discs was skipping, then we had lunch at the food court.  One of the hot sups was working (the redhead), but the real hot one wasn't :(

After Costco, we went back to Chris's, got the dogs and Amber, then drove over to Amber's parents' house to drop off a DVD and do vehicle exchanges.  We also got to see Katie and chatted with her for a bit.

Then it was off to Greg and Justin's.  We stopped by the Safeway next to Valley Fair where we saw some loser HS kids line up empty cans of Coke on the street and amuze themselves as cars drove through the line.  Fucking juvenilles!

At Greg's, Chris started cooking the potstickers and we all cut the bread and served out the cheeses and spinach dip.  Greg started to bake some easy to make pumpkin pie though nobody ate it.

We gorged ourselves in various candy and prepared food while watching seven epiosdes of The O.C.  Most of them are watching these episodes for the first time and they were so into it!  At one point, Chris threw his hat at the TV in a furious rage, cursing out Marissa for defending psychotic Oliver once more.  It was intense.  Then when Luke went to talk to Julie, I jumped up and started to go Oh Yeah! and most of us were going Aaaaahhhhhhh!!

There were only about ten trick-or-treaters that knocked on Greg's door.  I thought the low turn out was weird.  When I answered the door, it was some guy who looked like he was at least 17, wearing a mask.  I gave him a ton of candy because he had the balls to go out and the fact that we had A LOT of candy!  Later on, Chris was like, so why didn't you ask that treat-or-treater out?  LOL

After about seven episodes of The O.C., we decided to call it a night.  Now I'm anxious for the Season Premiere!!!!  And I need to bring my VCR down here, as it conflicts with KoC now :/

Oh yeah, pics!

Me as Iceman and Yoni's roommate, Jeremy as Maverick
Yeah, the costume isn't really accurate, but hey... I coulnd't find much at Savers or Moon Zoom's!

More Pics
Chris's Pics


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