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The Weekend :)


Went to see Pentecost at SCU.  Really good play, and the actors were awesome... especially Scotty.  I didn't get a chance to see Scotty afterwards.  Jenny said he might have been a little sick, so he went home right after the show. (He wasn't at the Q/A session afterwards).

Got up early (Rosh actually called me before my alarm went off) and helped out with Roshnee's film project.  I was by Tower Hall from 8-12, had a short lunch, then had my BUS 119A project meeting from 1-4:15 in the library.  I haven't spent so much time on campus on a Saturday since I lived in the dorms!

I took a short nap after my project meeting.  Soon, Bjorn (entropyca) and David (deekers) came by to pick me up so we could head up to Stanford for yet another fun filled evening of freeze tag :)

There were a lot of newbies this time around and there were a lot more girls as well.  I was an original it during the third round, and somehow I ripped a callous on my right foot.  Not as bad as many other previous injuries (massive head injuries, broken jaws, running through a class window), but I had to sit out for the rest of the round.  I padded my shoe and sock with TP and I was good to go for the next round, where we migrated to the other building.

The last few rounds, I hid in corners and it worked for the most part!  The newbies were working in my favor :)

After playing a total of like five or six rounds, we called it a game and did our usual In 'n Out in Mountain View.  We talked about random stuff like, some lovin from the oven, Jon's mother having her needs, and shooting it in the eye.  (I threw up a little of my drink when I heard the last one).  We spent like 2 hours there, which is a little longer than usual.  I intentionally was going to meet up with Chris (crhale) and the gang downtown.  However, Chris said they were going to S. First Billiards (which isn't really something I want to do on a Sat night).  Besides, Chris said it sucked anyway.

Oh yeah, I forgot... TURTLE BROWNIES :P yum!

Spent most of the day being a bum.  Went to KoC, sang a few songs, then left.  Thanks, James and Debbie (unbreak_able) for the advisory :)


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