Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Hillary Duff Attending Carondelet High School?!?

For years, rumors have been circling around Central Contra Costa Co. and the Tri-Valley area about Hillary Duff's possible move to Blackhawk.  On Saturday, an article was published by San Francisco Chronicle columnist, CW Nevius.  Nevius interviews Carondelet's vocal director about his thoughts about Duff being in the CHS/DLS Concert Choir, should the slim chance that she attend CHS in Concord, a good 15/20 minutes from Blackhawk.

Another potential private school Duff could apply to is Danville's prestige, and extremely expensive, Athenian School.  Administrators from that school were also interviewed.

You seriously have to read this article!  It's ROTFLMAO material :)

Just think, all of those De La Salle boys flocking over Duff as she crosses Winton Drive between the two campuses...  LOL

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