Rex (rapp81) wrote,

My Sleep Schedule is Whacked!

I started to get a tension headache after my last class today. When I got back home at around 7, I had some dinner and after that, tried to stay awake so I could at least see my roommate come home and give him the rent check. He came in, we talked briefly, then I went to my room and layed on my bed. Despite a couple of calls on my cell and falling right back asleep after informing each caller I was kinda out of it, I ended up sleeping for several hours. So I fell asleep at around 8:10 and got up at 3AM. I gotta remember to schedule in naps on nights I go to KoC because it always catches up to me by Tuesday :/

Scott ([info]biglovescott) and Nick ([info]slipsbyandstops) started this trend:

If you've had LJ for over a year, look back to one year ago today and link back to and quote from your entries of that day.

If you have more than one year, go back for the same day for each past year and quote for them as well.

If you've had LJ for under a year, quote from the first month you had LJ and then halfway through the time you've had it.

Well, since I've been at this for almost 3 years now, not necessarily on LJ, I'll post my very first blog entry from my Blogger days.

June 11, 2001: Hey Everyone! After going through some other friends' websites, seeing that they have a blogger in place, I've decided to start a blog my self. It's probably better than bombarding your inboxes with a ton of emails.

So today was my first day on the job... sort of. In case you've haven't heard yet, I'm working at the Century Movie Theatre in Pleasant Hill (aka "The Dome") this summer. Yeah, the pay is minimum, but I got fed up in the summer job market in CONTRA COSTA COUNTY. I gave up on doing the temp agency thing since I would be working for like 3 full weeks this summer. Besides, I get to see movies for free this summer, which would take a bunch of my income. (Duh, there isn't much to do up here, especially in Co Co Co) I was supposed to work from 10-6 today, but my friend Andrew went overboard on scheduling and exceeded the budget, thus I only worked from 10-3. But I was assured that next week should be better. From the 3 hours I was there, I realized how many seniors decided to see Molin Rouge this morning. Damn, wouldn't expect to see 70+ year olds watching it. Today, I was showed how to do things in concessions.... stop laughing! But, I spent most of the time at the door letting people in.

Right now, I'm house sitting as my sister takes care of my grandma here in the Crossings! (SJSU: It's a Concord thing) I'm here for this week and next I'm probably going to stay over at my aunt's condo, which is currently vacant as she normally takes care of my grandma after work here in, you guessed it, the Crossings.

So there's the brief for now.

BTW, I'm going through withdraw right now, not being able to watch Tech TV. But I can hear Tech Live archives on Real Audio and I'm taping the Screen Savers all this week :) Yeah I am a true Tech Geek... Just let me finish reading my latest PC World, which the Moulder Mail Room graciously forwarded to me last week.

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