Rex (rapp81) wrote,


Damn, been a busy week and it's not even over yet!

Last Wednesday
On the way up, stopped by to catch up with Paul in San Ramon. Met up with him and met his friend, Tyler. Tyler's a really cool and cute guy... too bad he's taken. Heh.

Argh... Usual huge family lunch & dinner and DVD watching. Went to The Crib (which replaced Faith). I remembered why I stopped going to 18+ clubs, let alone 18+ queer clubs. But still had fun with Paul, Tyler, Brian, and the rest of the Sandanville crew.

Shopped with my mom and sister at Sunvalley. AnF started doing their holiday thing where you get to take a pic with one of the brand reps for $1. The guy was shirtless, of course. I couldn't get the courage to get a pic with him.

Geno dragged me out to the city. The drive there was great... no traffic unlike the night before. Met up with Scott (biglovescott) and Ken. Hit The Cafe, Badlands, and a few other spots, but just mainly sat and chilled around the Castro. Ken kept molesting me all night (when does he NOT molest me...heh)

Didn't really do much... not worth talking about

Family thing, then drove down to SJ and met up with Adam. Had dinner at BJ's over at Oakridge. Kept analyzing servers and patrons... :P We were going to catch a movie, but didn't have the time to. Went to KoC, fun times as usual :)

After class, I drove up to Hercules to pick up my new phone (SE T637), along with a few things like a script to use for my audition, which I will explain in a bit.

Drove back down to SJ and sang a song at The Blank. Met up with Chris (crhale), Greg, Roshnee, and Larry. It was a bit more packed than usual.

Zonked out for a few hours after working on my 115 lab instead of going to dance class. Got up at nine PM, worked on the database for my 119A project and my finance homework.

Class, Finished and signed off on my 119A project, SCU GASPED meeting, and audition for next semester's plays! That's right, I did it. I did a monologue from Here and Now. Yes the DLS play that was done this fall and back ten years ago!

Ok, I should do my Business Ethics homework now.

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