Rex (rapp81) wrote,

I've been a busy man!

I just realized I never posted about what happened last weekend. Well, nothing much. Made a day trip to Hercules, then went to SF for a couple of hours on Saturday.

This past week was the second leg of this round of exams. I'm just glad this round of exams is over :)

Thursday was a weird night. Originally, I was planning on going to SF, but Scott ([info]biglovescott) indicated that he was going to be down in MV and he might stop by KoC. In the sight chance that he was going to go, I ended up going to KoC instead. Scott didn't show up, but that's cool :) I had fun for the most part, until the latter part of the evening. I'm not going to divulge into details right now, but I may post it later on.

Friday, after I told Anthony (SJSU "Shut Up" to call in sick @ work, I met up with Nate, Ryan, and the rest of the DLS band people for the premiere of the DLS documentary. Rissa didn't go because she's still pissed off at Nate and Ryan which was the result of what I told Nate earlier this week. (You can have some insight by reading Nate's blog) Ryan was in the movie for a few seconds, and so was Rissa, as she sang Hey, Baby! Rissa's even in the press kit for the movie, which could be found at The documentary was well done and was amazed to see the whole thing. I saw Eidson, Zorad, and Samson in attendance.

After the movie, Anthony and I went to the ROTC room on campus where he caught up with his old buds. We then went to get some pearl tea, because Anthony was craving it.

At around midnight, I called it a night and went home.

On Saturday, I went to Concord to meet up with my family to celebrate Randall's birthday. We had lunch at Todai. Rissa and mom were showing off their new Nokia 3200s. Ugh. They got them for free because AWS is upgrading to 850 MHz. After lunch, we went around the mall for a bit.

After a short time at home, I went back over to PH to celebrate Colleen's birthday at Chevy's. When I arrived, Andrew was the only one there. Colleen then showed up with Sal and his friend Jaime. Then came Lindsay and her fiancee, Jared. Then finally, the trio, Val, Steph, and Angela arrived. I haven't seen most of these people since Colleen's birthday 2 years ago. Many have noticed that I look way better than I did the last time I saw them... Which is kind of a weird feeling. Having realized that about 2 years ago, I must of been 25 pounds heavier and 4 inches wider, so yeah... I guess it is a major contrast from when they last saw me. We all got caught up with each other and others from our graduating class. It was great.

After dinner, I sped down to SJ to meet up with Chris for the second showing of "1", the DLS documentary. In attendance this time were several members of the FB team and faculty wise, Miss Delahoussaye, Mrs. Seed, and Mrs. Kahn/Adrian. I chatted with Miss D after the show... it was great seeing her. She too commented that I looked good. Heh

I then went to Mission Ale to meet up with Chris and Amber. It wasn't busy there for a Saturday night. However, sometime after midnight, we decided to head home, since it was kinda dead.

Today, I met up with Geno and Jason in Mt. View and hung around the park for a bit. Then we had lunch and just hung around. I'm at the library right now as it would be kinda dumb to drive back south to my house, then north again and such...

Before I forget, Nate was the center of attention in the Cinequest Daily Digital News. I was actually interviewed for that, but my interview was cut... so was everything related to the actual documentary. The band is referenced, but not the movie. Kinda weird. Anyway, because the download of the video file is TV quality, and due to the fact that you have to download a P2P plugin to download it, I edited just the single segment and encoded it into a smaller WMV file. Microsoft Windows Media Video

Oh, and also before I forget, the techie things: First, my iPod is having issues. I might have to send it in for service. Hopefully not, because I did find an FAQ article, detailing things I should do first. Second, I'm getting a new phone: SE T616. SE was going to mail me a crappy T226 for free, but I thought that was an insult. So I'm going to sell that one on ebay to subsidize my purchase of the T616.
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