Rex (rapp81) wrote,

RE: My family priest is a fucktard!

So during today's homily, the priest talked about the importance of family and blahdy blah blah, and started off by saying that God was the one who defined marriage as one between an man and a woman to procreate... Not the definition the mayor of San Francisco established with all of that crap (paraphrased).  I just wanted to get up and leave, but I was stuck in the damn pieu and I would of caused a huge scene doing so.

I have lost complete respect for this Catholic figure.  All of his homilies are always about how all of us are doing the wrong things and what we should do right.  While growing up, the other priests I've encountered would talk about the gospel reading and it's interpretation, along with some personal story or something like that.  They would slightly do some guiding, but not in a way that looks at society as a whole, as doing all the wrong things and how we must correct that.

For years, I've dreaded going to church with my family, because of this pastor.  Back in 2000, he allowed campaigners for Prop 22 (The Anti-Gay Marraige initiative) to pass out CRAP after mass and stressed how marriage should remain between a man and a woman.

I'd rather go to SCU for mass.  At least those jesuits are more accepting of things about our society and they take a different approach in reaching the congregation in a more positive, non-taunting way.

I still consider myself Catholic, with some of the basic beliefs.  But I believe that the church is interpreting things in a way that is very closed minded and will not accept any other deviations of what they perceive is absolutely right.

What also got to me was the fact that the pastor decided to say such things the day after Christmas.

Anyways, I got some retail theropy today in SF :)  More on that later this week


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