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Last Wednesday
Went and saw Steph and Tyler visiting from PA at San Jose Bar and Grill.  We were in time for happy hour, so cheap ass drinks and 2 for 1 appetizers were pleantiful!  I hate going to that place during the late night, but it's actually pretty good for happy hour.  I mainly chatted with Steph, Amber, Roshnee (who was only there for a bit during her lunch hour), and Elena.

Went to VF and went around sporting off the shirt Adam got me from a porn shop in Dallas.  I love this shirt :P

Then went to KoC.  Only got three songs in as the list was already full by 9PM!  There were a lot of new songs on the list and since I had my laptop in my car, I updated my personal list.  I sang Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional, She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5, and Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand.  Drove up to Hercules afterwards.

Spent Xmas Eve at my aunt/uncle's house in Vallejo.  Low key and usual stuff... dinner and DVDs

Went to the cemetary in Lafayette to visit my grandparents.  Then lunch at my cousins' in Concord.  After that, cemetary in San Pablo for my dad and other grandparents.  Again, low-key day.

Shopping in San Francisco!  And boy-scouting, as Blake puts it

Went to SJ because I left my driver license renewal form there, then went to the Concord DMV where I had my appointment.  I was eligible for renewal by mail, but I didn't want to be stuck with my photo when I was 16 when I would be 28!

After DMV, went to Sunvalley.  Found a couple of shirts and AnF that were on sale.

Went to Sunvalley again, with my mom and sister.  Made some returns, bumped into some DLS/CHS people.

Later on, had dinner at Chili's with Anthony, Mary, Paul, Dan, Anna, Vaughn, and Szeto.  After, we went to La Scala in Walnut Creek, sans the latter two from the group.  Saw more DLS/CHS people... mostly from Company (theatre).  I also bumped into Charles there.

...To be cont'd.


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