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Stemming from the LJ banter between me and crhale earlier.

Cpher5 (1:18:36 PM): rREXXXXXX
RAPP81 (1:18:47 PM): chris.....................
Cpher5 (1:19:42 PM): wanna hear my rap?
Cpher5 (1:20:41 PM): "he's the triple-x rex, who likes to have sex... he be usin 'em up and then he says 'next'... he got mo' boyfriends than KTVU got airCHECKS!  BEEEAAATCH!!!!"
RAPP81 (1:21:10 PM): ROTFLMAO
Cpher5 (1:32:02 PM): yeah
Cpher5 (1:32:09 PM): you can post that if you want
RAPP81 (1:32:23 PM): ok


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