Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Yes, I live in an area where most of the people are uncultured!

My usual rant about West Contra Costa County...

While looking for movie selections tonight, I noticed that Century Hilltop (Richmond) isn't playing Phantom of the Opera.  Why?  Because the ghetto ass people who live in this area wouldn't care to see a musical, therefore it wouldn't make any money here.  How sad.  Vallejo has it, and that theatre pretty much has the same demographics as Hilltop.  So to see Phantom, I have to travel 15 minutes north to Vallejo, 15 minutes east to Concord/Pleasant Hill, or 15 minutes south to Berkeley.  Lame and sad, I tell ya!

*end rant*

EDIT: Mind you, I have yet stepped foot into the Hilltop theater since it opened. I still try to avoid being social in this area as much as possible.
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