Rex (rapp81) wrote,


New Year's
Started off at my aunt's house in Vallejo.  Had dinner, then left for Scott's (biglovescott) over in Petaluma.  I showed up with some lumpia and when Scott realized what I had brought, he said that Nick (slipsbyandstops) was going to cream in his pants.  Adam was already there and was already drunk.

Partied and drank like badasses.  Adam was my midnight kiss :)  Kept talking about messing around with Scott's straight friends.

This year's party was way better than last!

Nick posted some pics on his LJ

The next morning, we cleaned up Scott's house and just kicked back for a bit.  I tried to fix Scott's router, but it was dead.

Anthony got some of us together for dinner at Round Table by DLS.  Wow, haven't been there forever.  Afterwards, we got rid of the minors and went to Crogan's where it was utterly dead.  Played some pool and such.

Met up with Scott and Adam.  I first stopped by the dome, but I noticed some managers who hate me.  I called Adam and he said that they were at Best Buy.  (Plus the VPO was @ PH5).  I told him I'd mee them there because the people inside of the dome hated me.  At Best Buy, I see Scott in the return line with his router and says he hopes he gets Steve.  I was like, huh?  I glance over, and it's former dome/PH5 assistant, Steve.  Wohoo, two current and two former queer employees of Century!

Scott stood in line while Adam and I cruised the aisles.  Heh.

After BB, we had lunch at Fuddrocker's.  We were going to see a movie after that, but my sister was being retarded, so we went to Sunvalley instead, where Adam finally got his new pair of shoes.

Adam picked me up and we did a Julia Roberts double feature at Pleasant Hill 16, watching Closer and Ocean's Twelve.  Saw Andrew in between the movies and he told me that Colleen got engaged.  Wow, she's like the first friend from my high school class that's getting married!  After a short chat, Andrew went back to training this cute new assistant.

Because of my jury summons for next Monday in the ghetto court in Richmond, I'm still up here :/  Will be back down in SJ next Wednesday, pending the outcome of my jury service.  Contra Costa is a one day, one trial service, so hopefully I won't be selected!


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