Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Rex Has a New Toy!

AT&T Wireless recently upgraded their GSM towers to use the 850 MHz spectrum. Because of this, they, along with each individual manufactuers, were offering upgrade phones to those phone that are only capable of 1900 MHz (North America). My sister and mom were able to upgrade to a Nokia 3200 from an 8390 for free (plus tax). However, Sony Ericsson decided to ship me a shitty T226 for free (no strings attached). After comparing the "Upgrade" phone with my current T68is, I came to the conclusion that my T68is far surpassed the T226 in features. After calling SE inquiring about whether or not I can get a discount on the T616, I was told I couldn't, but I could keep both the T226 and T68is. (SE originally asked to ship back the T68is in a provided mailer). So I decided to call Customer Care and purchase a T616 for $99. To help subsidize that cost, as soon as I get the T226, I'm selling it on eBay, unopened.

Now that I have an awesome phone, I can do stuff with it... like create a Moblog! For those of you who don't know what a moblog is, it's a blog for pics taken from a camera phone. So feel free to check out the mobog at You can also comment on each picture by clicking on the tumbnail and then selecting the [Add Comment] link.

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