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Not Again!

One day, one trial my ass!  They called the first group, me included, in at 3pm and actual selection didn't begin until 3:45.  I'm number 21, which makes the probability of me actually being on a jury again high.  Since they need to stop court proceedings at 4:30, we only got as far as questioning the first 22 and have not yet gone into elimination.  So everyone who was not deferred and was left (45 of us) have to show up tomorrow morning to finish jury selection.  The same thing happened the last time I had jury duty, except this time I didin't really waste the entire day waiting as we were originally called in at Noon instead of 9AM.

Afterwards, I drove to Pleasant Hill, met up with Scott (biglovescott), Nick (slipsbyandstops), and Adam.  Scott and Adam took forever at PH16 doing a spot audit.  Briefly chatted with Andrew.  I had a slight headache that grew worse throughout dinner at Pasta Pomodoro.  Saw Beyond the Sea, although I fell asleep during the first part because of my damn headache and exhaustion.

While in Pleasant Hill, I was boy scouting more than usual... You see, while in Richmond, and I seriously don't mean to be conceited when I say this, but I was the hottest guy under 30 there.  Yes, dead serious... a ton of fuglies, I tell ya!  Totally unlike the last time I had jury duty in Martinez... a ton of hotties and cuties, one of which I hung out with during the lunch period, walking around the Martinez Marina.  During dinner, I thought I saw someone I had a class with a couple of years ago, but I couldn't be certain.  It could have been him, because he's actually from the 925 area.

Anyhoo... gotta get up early tomorrow, deal with the San Francisco traffic to head back to court.  A commute that normally takes 11 minutes is going to take me about 30-35, maybe more if I-80 isn't a complete mess!  *sigh*


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