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Damn server move is essentially finished.  Thanks to trolan for allowing me to use his server for my media files.  Apparently, I've actually been over my disk quota with my webhost and it wasn't being enforced on the old server.

Went to KoC (koc_luvrs)  for the first time in weeks.  Sang mostly new songs and caught up with everyone.

Met up with my sister and the rest of the De La Salle / Carondelet band at SJSU.  Had lunch in the Student Union.  Rissa kept talking on the phone, as usual (one of the guys asked her, when are you NOT on the phone?).  They were demo band for one of the clinics at the CMEA conference.  All they did was play scales and such.  I tried to stay awake as much as possible, as the material being covered was aimed towards music educators.  At one point, there were a few bars on the overhead and the guy running the clinic told everyone to clap and count out loud.  I was like... um, I can't do that anymore.  I decided to put my hands in my pockets.  It was something like 1& 2e&a 3ea 4&a for the first bar.

Afterwards, I met up with Miss K. She was wearing that turquoise blue jacket that we always made fun of (pic -- her, by left 40 yardline marker).  As soon as I saw her, I yelled out, you still have that jacket?!?  She replied with, yes, I wore it so you can tell Chris Santiago that I still have it!  We chatted it up for almost two hours.  At one point we got kicked out of the concert hall and talked in the foyer of the music building.  It was exteremly great catching up with her, taking smack about the old DLS and DLS band director, and such.  She got herself an RV and goes on road trips with it.  Life is going really well for her :)  As we were leaving she made a remark about her being the "medals bitch".  I was like what did she just say?!?  This woman used to not utter any sort of profanities.  Guess that's what happens when you start teaching in Pittsburg.  LOL  She's still teaching over there at Hillview, btw.

Later on, I met up with Chris (crhale), Amber, Greg, Justin, Brian, Roshnee, Stefan (schnup009), and Steve downtown.  Most of met up at The Brit, then headed over to O'Flarhaty's.

Drove up to Hercules after that.

I went to the memorial service for my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Mulchaey.  Afterwards, there was a reception at the school gym.  Met up with people whom I haven't seen in 8-10 years.  Ran into Casey & Mauri Doerr; saw Mrs. Klinge and Joe, and pretty much all of the old faculty; chatted with Mrs. Gozzano and Mrs. Wong.  I must have a thing about being the last one in a room chatting with people, because Mrs. Gozzano and I were essentially the only ones left.  Heh.  Again, another catch up opt with the happenings of people I haven't heard about for several years.  After hearing some of the happenings, it makes me glad that I have a chance to escape from the Pinole/Hercules area.  I mean, getting a degree from UCR then going back to Pinole to work for your dad's POS spinning wheel shop... gotta have to feel sorry for some of them :(

OMG... our luncher was interesting.  Now usually, when I get slightly drunk, I'm cheerful and such.  Well, since I kinda annoyed by the whole wait and lack of planning thing, I was a bit agitated so I was being retarded.  Mike, my cousin's bf, was like, how's your juice?, referring to my long island, which my mom was clueless as to what was in it.  I pounded that thing like a mofo.

After racing back to Hercules, I gathered my things, then headed down to KoC.  Fun times as usual.  Met Matt's (dancin_whitey) brother, Brian.  Very cool guy.  As I was leaving, he asked if I had a girlfriend.  Girlfriend?!?  Matt had to set him straight, so to speak.  Was I giving off the total straight vibe again?  LOL  What a cutie.

Stopped by Geno's new apartment in Sunnyvale.  Sweet place :)

Ok, time to get ready for, as I like to call it -- but Chris hates the way I call it, straight karaoke.

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