Rex (rapp81) wrote,


So I tried to see if I could spring a deal migrating my family's AWS/Cingular Blue account over to a Foundation account, since my mom now works for Lawrence Berkeley Lab... Well, LBL employees are eligible for crappy ass TDMA phones and plans.  WTF?!?  I should have migrated when she was still working for Bechtel.  I mean, she was working for the specific group responsible for the AWS UMTS roll out in the Bay Area.

In other cellular woahs, spent an enourmous amount of time with CC about being unable to dial 511 on the Orange network.  The clueless let me read a script and direct your call rep first told me to take out my battery and SIM card... After I pressed to speak to a technical specialist, I was finally transferred.  The next rep I spoke with had no clue what 511 was, but was exteremly helpful to help solve my problem.  (Yea!)  After about 20 minutes, it was discovered that a trouble ticket was put in for the SF Orange Market.

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