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Wow, what a week! Start of classes, Straight Boy hunting at King of Clubs (koc_luvrs), Funtimes in SoCal...

First day of class... I was getting discouraged during my first class as to the lack of eye candy. It was basically the same feeling I had when I had jury duty in Richmond. Yes, the same exact feeling! The second class of the day made me feel so much better! Heh.

After class, I headed over to SCU for my weekly meeting. Only three of us showed up. We just chatted about random stuff for an hour.

Another day full of classes... Had to add two, thinking to myself, I've got graduating senior status, bitch! But I never had to use that to get in, as I lucked out in having sections that added everyone who wanted to add. There must have been a drop in enrollment, because not only I have not seen a lot of lines out the door of people trying to add classes but the campus isn't as bustling with tons of people than the usual amount.

Later on, I headed over to KoC. It was dead when I got there, and didn't anticipate it picking up much during the night. Scott (aairn) texted me asking if he should show up. I told him my findings, yet he showed up anyway. Boy, did it pick up all of a sudden. Alex (cekyr0) and Jeff (jeffercine) even showed up after a long hiatus! Throughout the night we all checked out the cute new boy walking in the bar. One in particular, Scott had an eye for. The guy sat in the corner of the bar, just talking to James. We kept having Scott go and make his move, but he resisted. I guess it was for the best since we found out from James that the guy was straight and married. Later on, it was later revealed that the two other guys we were checking out were also straight... WTF?!? To top all things off, I got drunk off three Bud Lights. Again, wtf?!! Oh well, it was a cheap way to get drunk for the night

After a funfilled night... I drove up to Hercules

Got up, did some laundry, chatted a bit, then packed. I got lazy and just packed all of my laundry in my luggage. Had to make a trip to Toys R Us because my sister needed Play-Doh for some class project... High school project. Heh. After TRU, I ventured over to Best Buy in Pinole. The cute door guy was there again, greeting me as I entered. He greeted me again as I left, and I gave a nice smile and salutation as I passed him each time. Hehehe

We were running late and picked up my sister at De La Salle as her last class was there. Damn, those boys are still looking ever so fine! Why couldn't my class look like that back in the day?!?

Then the drive down to SoCal to meet up with my great aunt and her family. Originally, I thought we were going to the Southland wasteland that is known as the Inland Empire. Instead we were going to the San Gabriel Valley, which is about 25 minutes or so east of Downtown LA. We got in at around 9.

I got a free day hopper pass for the Disneyland resort, so I made plans to meet up with Alex and Jeff, who were already there. Before meeting up with them, we had lunch with some of the family. Then I took the solo drive down to Anaheim. Wow, has the area around the park changed since the last time I was there six years ago. I didn't even recgonize the surrounding streets (Harbor, Ball, Katella). I think West St was replaced with Disney Way. I was so confused. I ended up parking in the new parking structure and took the tram over to the park. Headed into California Adventure for the first time and met up with Jeff, Alex, and Alex's friend (whose name I can't recall right now... I'm so horrible with new names). Walked around, had some ice cream, then rode California Screamin'. Awesome ride! Then we had a drink at a bar in Downtown Disney. After that, we hopped in their rental car and headed over to The Block in Orange. Went around, scoped out some hotties, met up with another one of Alex's friends, and had another drink. Went back to the resort, had dinner, walked around some more, checking out hot vallet and tourist boys, then back to CA Adventure to ride Soarin' Over California. After that, we decided to drink heavily...

The three of us started off with top shelf long islands. The ones Jeff and I had were weak, but Alex's was just right. Alex didn't want to finish his, so I downed it for him (2/3 remaining). Alex had a mind eraser after that, Jeff and I had a well long island. Our long islands were just perfect this time around. So six drinks later, our tab was $67. Damn! The top shelf LI's were $12.50 each and the wells were $9.50. Oh well, it was worth it. Heh

After that, we walked towards the park, only to stop again at this one food stand a cute boy was tending. It was so obvious that the three of us were practically gawking at the boy, the guy from the adjacent stand have to had pointed us out. Although the wrong guy to notice, he was cute too. After Jeff said something to me, I knocked down one of the posts of those retractable line guards. Yeah, I was drunk... drunk at Disneyland!

We went into Disneyland, just in time to see Fantasmic. My bladder couldn't hold up, so I had to go to the bathroom half way though it. I got lost trying to find Jeff and Alex, and ended up missing the last part of the show with them. After that, we rode Indiana Jones, the Matterhorn (which wasn't at thrilling as it used to be... except for the prompt, “Remain seated, please. Permanecer sentados, por favor." )  When we got off the Matterhorn, we had three minutes left before the park closed, so we just decided to hit Storybook Land.  Never been on the kiddie canal ride, but our tourguide was awesome and comical.  We went to the Emporium aftwerards because I need to shop for my sister, then parted after that.

I had such an awesome time!  Thanks again to the two for some of the food and drinks :)  I need to go back there and spend a couple of full days there, especially when Space Mountain reopens for the park's 50th anniversary.  It was kinda upsetting that it wasn't open when I was there, since that is my utmost favorite ride in the park.

I was on the 5 at around 12:45, and was amazed as to the amount of cars still out on the freeway... Gotta love SoCal traffic!  Got back to my dad's cousin's house within half an hour.

Got up, left SoCal at around 10:15.  When we were driving by the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station, I saw a couple of hot guys standing on the platform.  I love it how you enter back in the Bay Area through the communites full of hotness along 580 (Livermore > Pleasanton > Dublin > San Ramon)

Got home sometime around 4, had lunch, slept, then went down to SCU to attend 10 PM mass.  Again I ask myself, why didn't I apply to SCU.  Never could you find a congregation full of college-aged Roman Catholics, where you find 95% of the male congregation highly attractive.  There was this one guy who was wearing a Ralph Lauren button up shirt, tucked in a pair of khakis, and flip-flops.  The flip-flops make that outfit and the one who is wearing the outfit, ever so fucking hot!  I'm going to hell!

So there you have it... I feel like I've forgotten some details, but oh well :/  It's long enough as it is!  Heh


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