Rex (rapp81) wrote,

I <3 Degrassi

OMG... This show never ceases to amaze me!

CTV (the Canadian network that airs Degrassi) aired two epsiodes on Monday night.

Episode 1: The gay couple break up, because the older, hotter one wanted an open relationship.  The less attractive, younger one wanted a monogomous relationship.  How fucking realistic is that?!?

Episode 2: The first of three Kevin Smith Episodes.  Not really as exciting as the last one, but this one preps up for the next two

What's to come: Kevin Smith makes out with Caitlyn Ryan and now she's torn apart between him and Joey Jerimiah. (Yes, the Joey & Caitlyn love saga that's like 18 years old now... dating back to the original Degrassi).  Joey is in tears, wanting Caitlyn back.

Speaking of Degrassi... Degrassi Junior High: Season 1 came out on DVD today.  Guess who's going to Best Buy!!!

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