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It's been one of those weird weeks... I've been slightly unstable for the latter part of the week.  Finding out about Matt's death, getting emails saying that they're worred about a mutual friend's handling of that particular death, along with other unrelated personal things that were hitting me.

Besides that, I did manage to have a fun time for my birthday.

For once in a long while, I left KoC exteremly early.  The crowd of newcomers made me feel like I was at TDs or something.  It was just weird.

Went to have my oil changed, ate a McDonald's breakfast while I waited, then went to Best Buy in Pinole.  The cute doorboy was there again.  Smiled and said hi as usual.  Didn't have the DVD I wanted there, so I drove to the BB in Pleasant Hill. Finally got Degrassi Junior High: Season 1 on DVD.  Spent the rest of the day watching that.  On the extras, they have three episodes of Degrassi Talks, which is a documentary series exploring the topics the actual shows bring up, with a real-life perspective from people around Canada.  It's amazing how mindsets were back in the early 90s, especially when it came to STDs and sexuality.

Didn't do much during the day.  Was bummed out because certain friends who gave me a definite for the night, had something come up or failed to realize something already planned.

Had dinner at the Crab Feed with my family.  Yeah...  My sister was our server and when she came up and gave her intro speel, I threw a chex mix piece at her, which ended up falling down her blouse... all in good fun.  Heh.  Yeah, I'm the loving brother :)  Later on, I sent her a text asking who the cute white server with the black undershirt was.  When I asked her if she got my message, she said that he was a sophomore (in HS)!  OMG!  I was exteremly upset that some of the male servers were wearing oversized white shirts (tshirts for some of them).  The original dress code was a white collared shirt and black pants.  Some of the guys said they had no such shirts.  These kids are in high school... how can you not have a simple, fitted white button up shirt by now?!?

After chowing down on pasta and crab, I raced home, sprayed my body with Axe to rid myself of shellfish arouma, and waited for Anthony (SJSU "Shut up") to show up.

He arrives and we head on over to the city.  When we got off the central freeway, I had to detour around as Debouce was closed off.  Not exactly knowing where to go, we end up driving next to the Power Exchange.  Anthony was already on the phone leaving a VM with Kelly to see if she was around and he goes we're driving by the Power Exchange? not knowing what it is.  I started to crack up.  When he hung up I explained to him that it was a sex club.  Sex club? he responds.  I tell him and Anthony's like WTF?!?

We first hit Bar on Castro.  He got a 7&7 while I asked for a long island.  I forgot that they had large ones and when the bartender asked me which size, I opted for the large one.  Anthony only had a ten so I spotted for the rest.  When I got my drink, it was in a foot long glass and it was strong!  Anthony and I chatted for a while.  He was amazed at the guys by themselves.  He hasn't really seen a lot of guys by themselves in a bar before.  I gave him a lesson on cruising.  Cari showed up and the three of us chatted about things like certain people from De La Salle / Carondelet who we still dislike and such.  Then Scott (aairn) showed up.  Later, we hit the Cafe, where I saw someone who's actually in my major/concentration.  We chatted over a year ago after I found him on XY.  He kept asking about Brian, my "straight" "UK" friend when we first chatted.  He didn't recognize me off the bat but after I told him about our first chat a while back and showed him a pic of Brian on my phone, he remembered.  Later on, he gave me his number.

Justin, my friend from grade school, also showed up.  I haven't seen him in years, but we've been in constant contact.  Later on, Anthony took off his UC Davis sweatshirt and revealed a nice looking, white AE polo.  He never wears anything like that and when I pointed out the nice looking shirt to him, he said Mark (his hot ass neighbor) went shopping with him and had Anthony buy it.  Anthony was looking really hot...  I'm pretty sure all the guys were checking him out.  (Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that he's straight?)

After The Cafe, we went to Badlands.  Scott had already headed over there, but when we got there, he decided to head on home.  Justin and Cari decided to leave soon after we were there so it was just Anthony and me.  After a couple of songs, Anthony wanted to bounce.  I don't remember if I brought it up, but we ended up eating at Bagdhad, or I should say he ended up eating.  I ordered, but I was too drunk to do anything.  The tall long island, along with the long beach and tokyo teas Cari got me at the Cafe, hit me like that.  The next thing I know, Anthony's asking for cash (I've been paying for his cover and such) and the food that I ordered is already boxed up.  At that point I realized that I seriously needed to puke.  After holding it in while waiting for the bathroom, I just let go, but miss.  I got some on my pant leg and shoes (the shoes I didn't realize until I wore them this morning) and the toilet seat.  I felt bad for leaving a mess.  I kinda clean myself up, and we both went to the car.  As soon as we reached the car, I took off my shoes and jeans and placed them in my trunk.  From the waist down, I'm wearing a pair of navy blue 2(x)ist active shorts and white socks, standing outside, near the corner of Noe and 18th.  Damn, is that hot or what?!?  Heh.  I enter the passenger side and recline my seat down, Anthony gets in and drives.

I somehow manage him to get him on to the freeway, despite the detours, in my drunken stupor.

He makes it to my house and as soon as I got in to the house, I headed for the family room couch.  Sent the following drunken IM to Scott:
RAPP81 (2:21:22 AM): tbrew hp at baghdad... till druk ..gooin to bed.. thainks for showing uo

After sending that, I passed out on the couch.

Woke up at seven... huge ass hang over.  Popped in two Alieve.  Bro came down a few minutes later, asked for the keys to borrow my car.  Had to take out the jeans so I could wash them later on.  Then went to my room to sleep somemore.  Got up at ten, when Geno called me.  Did the family thing, had lunch with my two aunts, took a nap, then went to Macy's at Sunvalley to get myself a new sports coat, shirts, and pants with my mom.

Got home, replayed the Super Bowl ads for my MCOM class.  Liked all of the commercials featuring animation or the Muppets.  Miss Piggy was about to chow down on a slice of dippable pepperoni pizza.  Doesn't pepperoni have pork in it?!?  I remember the Denny's commercial a few years back that had her wanting a specific grand slam meal that featured ham / bacon.  Soon after it's original airdate, they modified the commercial.

Then went to SCU for 10 PM mass.  I forgot to mention this to him, but there's a guy who goes to mass there that looks like Scott (aairn).  The similarities are so close, I almost yelled out at the guy calling him Scott.

Before I end this, I just want to thank those who were able to make it out last night!  Especially Anthony for putting up with me, going through his first gay bar/club experience, and hauling my ass home.  I really appreciate that!  Also thanks to those who greeted me online or via SMS.  All of you guys are the greatest!

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