Rex (rapp81) wrote,

I'm emotionally strained

Went to Matt's memorial service today... I'll detail it later, but for now just say it was well put and very emotional.

Decided to pay a friend a visit only to be grossly interrogated and scolded by that particular friend because he's having some issues of his own, which are a tad petty. We're trying to work that one out, but I just have no energy to do so tonight.

Tried to hit the GALA meeting at SCU, but some group took over the room, and being late, couldn't find the regulars. Stuck around campus till the Ash Wednesday service. Matt was still on my mind.

This is one of those rare times I need someone to just hold and cry on. This past week (Matt, along with some other personal issues) hasn't been the greatest in a long time :/
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