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What a week!

Chris (crhale), Stefan (schnup009), Greg, Rosh, Amber, Brian, and even Katie came out for dinner to celebrate my birthday at BJ's at Oakridge.  We shared pitchers of beer and appetizers, then ended it with a Party Platter Pizookie, which is a platter that has four huge types of freshly baked cookies (oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter, and white chocolate macadamia nut) with a huge glob of ice cream on top.  Most of us went down on that platter like a it was a masive oral orgy.  We did that also with all of the appetizers, since we were all exteremly hungry, but the illustration of devouring creamy vanilla ice cream and cookies is much better than greasy nachos and chicken wings.

After BJ's, we headed to The Blank for karaoke.  I joined along in the Madonna songfest with Chris and Stefan and sang I'll Remember... which was my grade school graduation song almost ten years ago.  I onlyt stuck around for a bit.  Noticed this guy I've never seen before that was exteremly cute. (Chris, did you get any verification on the guy?!?)

Didn't get much sleep and my 7:30 & 9 AM classes were hard to go through.  Wanted to hang out for Mardi Gras later on that night, but nobody seemed to be doing anything.  I decided to head on up to Hercules early.  It was a good thing I did, because I saw the news footage the next day of the mayem down the block from my apartment.  Fucking underaged thugs who are retarded.

Decided to hit the mall for some retail theopy before I went to Matt's service.  Took advantage of my birthday credit card discount at AE.  Actually bought some clothes that were in season (instead of clearance)... heh.  And a pair of sunglasses that was marked down to $5.  The cute AnF brand rep wasn't there :/

After the mall, I headed to Alamo for Matt's service.  Met up with Andrew and the old school Pleasant Hill 5 crew: Jeff, Mark, Erwin, Mike, Ashiko.  Colleen was there with Sal and I also saw Rosemary, Lisa, Gabe, and Kerri. 

Jeff created a slide show that started it off.  Then Andrew was the first to say his ulogy and all of the guys followed, along with Matt's other friends and family.

Throughout, I couldn't help but cry as everyone said their words about Matt.  As I said before, Matt was one of the most genuine, sweetest, caring, fun loving guys I've ever met.  He was never mean spirited and nobody would ever say anthing bad about him.  To have his life taken away so early, for such a ridiculous reason is beyond reasonable comprehension for me.  At the end of the service, the pastor stressed that Matt's death was not God's plan, but a result of carelessness.  Matt didn't deserve to die.  He deserved friends to be with him, especially at his time of need.  His so called pledge brother, who could have done something, was at the service.  Jeff just walked away when the guy approached the group.

Matt will be remembered as being part of the Century 5, as Andrew puts it.  He will also be remembered for who he was as an individual.  Every person Matt has encountered instantly knew what an individual Matt was and we will all remember him for who he was.

Here are a couple of more newslinks I've been wanting to post:

CCTimes article on the service (BTW, on an extreme light hearted note, CCTimes reporter Nathaniel Hoffman is exteremly young, and hot!  I really needed to say that)

Obituary (I was surprised to see the names of the "Century 5"... It goes to show how much Matt was a part of this group)

After sticking around after the service, I made a stop in San Ramon, then drove over to East Palo Alto to meet up with Geno at Ikea.  I somehow got off route, trying to stay on 84, so I ended up in Union City, via Niles Rd/Alverado Niles Rd.  Hit Ikea for a bit, then drove in rush hour traffic to SCU.

As I said earlier, I didn't get to go to my usual meeting, but stuck around for Ash Wednesday service.  Matt's memorial service was that, no real formal religious ceremony, so going though a regular Catholic mass helped with my further contemplation and reflection.  After communion, I sat, bowed my head, and just couldn't get Matt out of my head.  I tried to fight back tears because I didn't want to cause a scene, especially in front of this cute boy wearing an SJSU sweatshirt, who sat facing me.

After mass, I drove back to my apartment, went straight to my room, chatted with Scott (aairn) as he explained his new Valley Fair man candy who is a sales person at Kenneth Cole.  Scott managed to get my mind things (Matt and a few other things that happened).

I tried to get to bed early, but I ended up waking up at 6AM, still tired.

Ok, I need to get ready to head off to LA for the weekend.  Again, I'm exteremly sorry for missing the B&B Ball tonight :(  James is totally going to rape me for not showing up!  LOL
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