Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Quick Post From The Library

Alright... just killing time in King Library before I meet up with my cousin and her bf for the DLS DOCUMENTARY. If you have nothing else better to do, come over to SJSU and see it at Morris Dailey Auditorium @ 4PM! :)

A lot of stuff has happened this week, but as usual, I want to be percise in chronicling the events, so it'll have to wait till Monday, when I'm in between classes.

As for tonight, I may make another cameo to KoC... Depends on if I decide to go to another Cinequest event before everyone parties at O'Flaherty's. If I do show up at KoC, it'll be for a couple of hours, till I head back to downtown SJ at around 11.

If I don't make it over there tonight, you guys have fun, as always... I'll catch you all next week :)
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