Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Crappy Weekend

I guess I should give some insight on my lame-ass trip to the Southland last weekend...

Started off on Friday, picking up my sister at De La Salle.  As I turn into DLS from Winton, I see Aliotti, who just a week ago from that day, was attacked by a Carondelet freshman girl who took off her bra.

Chris from MySpace says in the CHS/DLS group...
so this freshman gurl...sonja wuz expelled from chs 3 days ago or sumtin. and friday wuz her last day there so she took her shirt and bra off during break. "Savage" was written on her back and stomach and she ran around. when aliotti saw that he told her to jump down from the table she was standing on. she said no so he grabbed her. then she punched him or wut mr. osh said "bitch slapped him" in the face. they took her to the office and when he let go of her...she tried to run away but 3 teachers held her down. and shes going to deer valley now. but u didnt hear this from me!!!

The "Savage" Girl's profile can be seen here, along with her version of the story.  ROTFLMAO

After we pick up my sister, we get gas at Costco, then stopped at Albertson's in Downtown Pleasant Hill for some road grub.  Then hopped on to 680 > 580 > 5 en route to LA.  The brunt of the traffic was through Livermore, as expected.

While on I-5, I averaged about 85 MPH, at times going 100... So fun!  I made it to Granada Hills in 5:20, from DT-PH, with just one pit stop, and a single tank of gas!

On Saturday, we hit a lame strip mall then later on, went to Downtown LA.  We originally planned on having lunch in Chinatown, but there was a New Year's festival with had the entire area blocked, so we went to this noodle place a few blocks from USC.  Then my mom insisted we hit the LA Fashion District.  It's basically a shithole of overlycrowded shops where there isn't a lot of eye candy.

After that, we got back to get ready for this thing my sister was to get a scholarship award.  Traffic on the 405 was lame, so it took a bit longer to get to the hotel where they were holding the banquet.  The last time I drove through the LAX area was when my brother graduated from LMU, back in 2000.  The hotel was right by the LAX letters on Century and Sepluveda.

Looking at the program at around 7:30, we all noticed that the awards ceremony was at the bitter end of the night.... midnight.  They woven in DVD presentations, talent shows, and horrible filipino cover bands.  You can hear what I partially went though from this voice message I sent to Geno.  He says WTF, I somewhat drunkenly say something after that.  (If I weren't driving, I would have had more to drink.  I really can't stand these types of events.  Yeah, I think it's important to be aware of your ethnicity, but OMG... this was major overkill!  My ethnicity, along with everything else about me, are parts of me... no single aspect defines me (if that makes any sense).

I spent most of the night after the food was served talking on the phone with Geno in the hotel lobby.  At one point, this really cute, slim, blonde guy in white tights came walking in :P  There was some sort of costume party going on.  Towards the end of the night, I was gawking at the cute vallet guy outside.  Kept repetidely telling Geno I'd rather be in West Hollywood at that moment, hoping the cute vallet guy would notice.  Yeah, I'm such a wore!

My sister got her $300... yeah that was it...  and we finally headed back to my mom's friend's house.

Sunday, drove back to the Bay.... Yea Bay!

I really need to go back to the Southland w/o my family!

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