Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Fun Week :)

Let's see here... Tuesday, Chris (crhale) picks me up after my econ class as he had that Arby's craving.  He got jealous of my Beef and Cheese sandwich.  Then we hit Valley Fair.  Saw the emo sales boy Scott's (aairn) been getting a hardon for.  After VF, we went to Beverges & More to stock up Greg's vintage 7-Up machine with bottles of soda and beer and from there headed back to Greg's to stock the machine and played some pinball.  Greg's little 50's corner with his jukebox, 7-Up machine, and pinball machine... so great!  Greg and Justin finally came home and Chris & Greg rode the scooter in the rain.  After that, we hit a cycle gear store where the two teenaged cashiers were oh so yummy :P  Greg had to tell me to restrain myself in such a "straight" store.  LOL.  Then we went to Boston Market, where I had to apologize to the cashier several times because we were being retarded when ordering.  But the food was fucking great :P

Thursday was a packed night @ KoC, packed with new people.  If it weren't for them, it would have been dead!  It took three hours to do the first rotation... WTF?!?

I decided to stay in on Friday.

Yesterday... fun times.  Small gathering, venturing over to Splash, really had a good time, despite the minor drama at the end of the night.
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