Rex (rapp81) wrote,

WIR so far...

Went to the Blank.  Totally tried to figure out whether or not this one guy I met a couple of weeks back was an uber queer.  I find out the next day he's just metro :/

I didn't stay too long, as I was in need of sleep.

Spent most of the night doing homework, then decided to hit Splash after hearing obnoxious teenage girls outside my window.  Apparently there was an Ashlee Simpson concert at the Event Center on campus that night.  (Poor Todd, (zzar) for having to deal with such annoyance).

When I arrived at Splash, the KoC (koc_luvrs) crew was there, pretty much dominating the club.  Good times!  Stan (trivialt) and I chatted about his day's events, Jason (kozmic_tar) came outside to inform us of something we didn't really need to know, but was funny, and we all got to sing a lot :)

All of a sudden, it died down quick, and basically it was down to Alex (cekyr0), Kerri, Stan, Jason, and me.  I decided not to close the bar, despite Alex's efforts to make me stay.

There was this really, really, really hot guy who was a guest speaker in my MCOM class.  He was a professional boxer and he assisted in our class discussion on the Barry Bonds press conference.  Most of the class believed that Bonds is definitely an immature asshole.

After a short time after class, I headed to my meeting over @ SCU, but only to realize that I left my keys in my room.  Luckily, my roommate got my message and he left the door unlocked for me.

When I got back home, I did some homework and prepped for my QBA exam.  As I was finishing up, Scott calls me asking if I had any ideas as to where should he go in the South Bay.  He checked out Splash, but it was dead, I suggested TDs (even though it's been two years since I've been there) -- he passed, I then suggested The Hut, the straight bar across the street from SCU.  After being mapquest for him, he drives by and notices the hot, but intimidating straight guys outside and passed on that too.  He ended up going to Mission City Coffee.  I also suggested The Bronco on the SCU campus, but he said he'd be a loser for going there.

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