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My Street is offically ghetto!

My sister called me to inform me that someone smashed the back windshield of my brother's car.  Not the Z4, that's in the garage... the old Civic.  My family thinks it's the neighbors across the street.  Ever since they moved in, they've always treated us like crap.  They called the police to report our vehicles abandonded, twice, because they were in the way of their curb space.  Excuse me, it's a fucking public street!  And those vehicles would at most spend 5 days in that spot.  The last time, my sister's car was towed and was only sitting there for 36 hours before a tag was placed on it.

If you recall, one time I posted how I was washing my car during the summer, listening to KSJO (when it was still on), when the girl's boyfriend showed up in his black Civic with a Raiders plate frame, got out of his car, looked at me, and scoffed... All because I was wearing Hollister boardshorts and listening to rock.

So because we aren't ghetto and thuggish, they look at us and think poorly of us?!?  God, I'm disgusted.

Ok, I really don't think this post has any cohesivness, because I'm just typing what pops in my head.  I"m off to Valley Fair, maybe I can be distracted there.

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