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Mr. Samson

I got word from my cousin who works in the DLS development office that Mr. Samson died this afternoon. For the alums who don't know, he was battling pancreatic cancer and was diagnosed this past fall, and has been on leave since.

I didn't have him as a teacher, but knew him to be one of the best social studies teachers there. The last time I saw him was at an alumni event, the home DLS FB opener back in 2003. Brian Trenner was with me as his alma mater, Palma, was playing DLS. EDIT: Brian and I were talking and Samson overheard us and joined in our conversation as we waited in line for the BBQ. Even though I never had a class with him, he remembered me as I did attendance for two semesters (who didn't remember me from that campus?!? heh) This was a year and a half ago, and then, he was extemely well. Fast forward to a year after that meeting, and he was diagonsed, and from there...

Not just in my personal life, have I had a lot people I've known pass away within the past year. DLS has experienced a lot of tragedies this year, starting with the unfortunate shooting death of a recent graduate. Now there's word (via MySpace) that the current principal has skin cancer, but I haven't got confirmation of that.

Anyways, as soon as I get further information, I'll pass it along to you.


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