Rex (rapp81) wrote,

I'm now craving for La Vic Orange Sauce :P

RAPP81 (1:40:46 PM): OMG... there's a CL ad that's titled, *Burrito seeks Lumpia*
RAPP81 (1:41:28 PM): hot n horny thick burrito filled with your favorite hot sauce.
wanna try it?

Geno (1:41:54 PM): LOL that's sick
RAPP81 (1:42:00 PM): I know
RAPP81 (1:42:22 PM): if it's not La Victoria's orange sauce, then no thanks
RAPP81 (1:42:23 PM): LOL

Speaking of La Vic, I stopped by there on Sunday night. There was this hella tall and hot student athlete there.  Before he left, he approached the garbage can next to me to toss his cup.  I wish he tossed something else by me, or on me for the matter :P

Ok, that was a bit much... just releasing some post-exam tension.  LOL

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