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Alrighty.... Let's start with Thursday night's debauchery!

It was an interesting night at KoC (koc_luvrs)... Little did I know that my voice was on the virge of disappearing, but that wasn't what made the night intersting.

His name is Dave... looks like a cross of Benjamin Mackenzie from The O.C. and Breckin Meyer. Towards the end of the night, Alex, Dave, and I were chatting. Dave was exteremly drunk, and many times started to erotically brush his hand across my crotch. This was after I told him that he was hot, and returned the same compliment to me. Needless to say, this was the extent of the action. I found out later that Dave didn't think I'd be aggressive enough for him. You see, Dave is totally submissive... he gets off on being dominated, severely. Dude, you get me worked up, I'd be grabbing the back of your head or the sides of your hips ferociously. No fucking joke!

Anyhoo... that was Thursday. Drove to my mom's house, did my Concord rounds on Friday (Sunvalley, Fry's). Some hot guys at both :P That was about it for the day.

Saturday... Chris's so-called surprise bday party. He saw Brian run across the street and other clues gave it away. Oh well, still had fun anyways!

Chrissy kept saying, hella loud, that I should approach the hot, but obviously straight guy, Chris. We both wanted to jump him like no other!

We get confimation later on that he is indeed straight :(

Throughout the night, I did my usual attempts to rape Brian.  Justin has a pic of us about to make out in a reatarded way (we just posed the look).

I think I should make that an LJ userpic.  Heh  Justin has more pics on his website

Also during the night, I kept on getting splashed by drinks.  Most of them were accidents, as in drunk people, like Chrissy, bumping into me, but one time I was the unintended receipient.  Let's keep it as drama started and Stefan (schnup009) gives a great write up on what happened, without really explaining what happened.

At the end of the night, Donna brought some random people.  There was this hot jock guy who didn't stay long, and a few cute emo boys.  One of them, did a really queer rendition of Eclipse of the Heart that he selected from Greg's jukebox.  (He did it again at The Blank for karaoke last night).  Found out his name is Connor.  I gotta say, all of the Connors I've encountered either are extrememly cute or hot (and yes, that includes you, sympetrum!).  I also found out last night that this guy messed around with with a girl after I left.  WTF?!?

Stayed in for most of the day...  Went to SCU for 10pm mass.  Saw the cute boy who tried to get me in the choir be a reader for mass.

Class, class cancelled, class, headed to Geno's for a bit, then The Blank for a bit.

Oh yeah, got some pics from Saturday night... I had some weird filter on my camera, so they're kinda fuzzy :(  Chris's Party

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