Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Week in Review

I'm writing this up before I head over for suicide karaoke :)

Class was blah... Went to suicide and that's about it.

Chatted with Justin, someone I went to St. Joe's with. Told him about how I bumped into Teresa, another classmate of ours, on campus the previous week. We caughted up while I was in my Bus 160 class.

Went to my usual SCU meeting... Got caught up with what the whole group's been up to.

Long day... Semi-drove to campus. I had to go to Hercules for my grandfather's 1st year death anniversary. In order to NOT hit traffic, I had to leave SJ ASAP. So I drove to the Caltrain Station, paid for parking ($1.50), then took the free DASH shuttle to campus. Things I learned doing all this: It takes 5 minutes to fu;lly get onto 87N from the Almaden Expressway on ramp. -and- Black men are scared of First and Santa Clara (passengers told the driver that it was bad for a black man to be near that corner to catch the light rail)

I stopped by De La Salle to pick up my sister. I got there a little bit early, so I paid a visit to my cousin, Karina, who started to work in the Development Office on Monday. I met some of the DO staff then went outside to meet up with Rissa. Rissa wanted to see where Karina worked, so I went back in. I also saw Mr. Noland, and we chatted for a bit. Apparently Karina is now linked with Randall and me in the alumni/donor database... Kinda like a friendster thing. They even created a attribute for Niece so my mom could be linked to Karina as well.... So strange!

I made it up to Hercules. We went to the cemetary, stopped by the library so Rissa can turn in her overdue book, then the house to grab some things, then back to my aunt's house for the mass and dinner. After the whole family thing, I drove back down and met up with everyone @ KoC. Despite being James's birthday, it really wasn't that busy.

During the day, I was slothing (as Katie would put it). Later on that night, I caught up with Brian, Greg, Justin, and Tony. Did the usual back and forth between O'Flaherty's and The Brit. Brian, Greg, and Justin were all playing with their Nextels... Those things are fucking annoying! I guess most of us were in a cell phone buying frenzie because Brian and Justin both got new phones as well.

I met up with Roshnee for a beer @ O'Flaher's then went to see Ham and Cheese at MD. We missed the first 10 minutes, but it was a great comedy. Gotta love Canadian comedy! Dave Foley was in it, btw. After that, we killed some time before we saw, The Curse of Bloodhead at the Camera 3. Funny horror movie :)

After a night of Cinequest, we waited to hop on to light rail to head back to Roshnee's. After looking at the timetable, I noticed that it had stopped running for the night. So we had to walk from First and Paseo de San Antonio to Seventh and Mission. Not really far, but still... While we were on Fourth, we noticed this really young, drunk guy running zig-zag. He then turned left on Julian, had his shoe slip off, tried to put it back on with his feet and failed. The guy decided to just lay on the sidewalk. We approached him and asked if he was alright, but he didn't respond, so we just left him there. Eventually, we make it back. I hop into my car, start my ignition (I'm having key issues with that thing), and went back. I stopped by the spot to see if the guy was still there. He was and was somewhat awake, just sitting and hunched over.

I had lunch with Amber and Chris at Peggy Sue's by the Tech. After lunch, I went to the library to kill time before seeing "1" once more. Karina called me at around 3 to tell me that she was heading over with Mike. We both met on campus and awaited to get into MD for the screening. Not a lot of people came out to see it, but there was still a substantial amount of pepole. After the show, the Q/A session was kinda heated. This one audience member grilled the director about how he didn't really emphasize academics and should of put some kind of statistic in. That was interesting. Before heading out, I saw Todd working and said a quick hello. After the whole thing, I was hanging around, got somewhat involved with helping out collecting and sorting surveys. I then approached the director to compliment his movie and asked him a few questions.

After that, I stayed behind to help out with the Gala overflow @ MD. We got to have a private screening of Parallel/Parallel, Sean Becker's Cinequest project. Then people came in and watched a few shorts and were given a brief rundown of what was awarded in the festival. "1" was up for Best Documentary, but was not awarded the honor.

Right after they announced the winners, I went up to KoC for a bit. I was able to get a couple of songs in fast, since it was dead, then went back downtown to catch up with the Cinequest after party. That was really fun. A bunch of us started to randomly sing TV Theme songs... I don't recall how that got started. I stayed longer than I should of, but it was worth it.

Ok, I should of left 15 minutes ago for KoC, but oh well... :)

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