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I'm starting this off early...

Went to a seminar to get a pass for early admittance to the Career Fair this Wednesday.  After that, did my usual Valley Fair thing, but there wasn't a lot of man candy there :(  I was sporting off my Gay?  Fine by me. shirt that I got from SCU.  Did get a few looks... good and weird.  heh

When I got to KoC, there were a good amount of people already there.  It soon became a pretty busy night!  Thanks to Jeff (jeffercine) for the two UV Kool Aids :)

Again, did my usual Concord rounds (as I do every time I go to my mom's for the weekend).  Nothing too much exciting going on there too.

Got up, drove my mom and my sister to my aunt's house in Vallejo.  They went off shopping.  Headed over to Mr. Samson's funeral and met up with Jon.  The mass was good, and Mr. McDonough gave a great eulogy.

After the mass, I briefly chatted with Mr. & Mrs. O'Leary and caught up with Rick Graham, the creative writing teacher I had my last semester @ DLS.

Again met up with the family, drove to Concord and Sunvalley, then dropped my aunt back in Vallejo.  We ended up having dinner at Chevy's.  I love that corn tomalito :P

This morning
Nothing big.  Got a MySpace message from a drunken friend.  I always get a specific question asked of me when people are drunk, so for clarification (or re-clarification) please refer to this post.

To further the comments I made back in January, the faculty at that school makes a huge sacrifice by teaching at a private school.  The pay isn't that grand, but they stick around because of the sense of community that exists.  During my academic career, the teachers I had in high school made more of an impact on me than any of the lecturers or professors I've ever had in college.  If you want percentages, 95% of the teachers I had in high school made a major impact on me, versus the 5% of instructors I had in college.

Ok... I need to actually get ready for the day.  Yes, I know it's past 5pm!  I've been a total bum today.


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