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Spent a short time @ KoC (koc_luvrs)... Sang about three songs and left.  I could have hit 80s Night at The Blank, where the rest of the SJSU crew was at, but I decided to go home and crash.

Mother fucking hot day!  It was so hot, I was pratically naked in my room for most of the day :P

Chris (crhale) and Amber (amberk17) picked me and Stefan (schnup009) up and we headed over to Fresh Choice at the Great Wall (I mean Mall) in Milpenis (I mean Milpitas).  Chris poked fun at the Filipino busboy who came by saying that FC was closing in "pipteen" minutes.

After FC, Chris fueled up his car at the Chevron.  The enitre Milpitas Asian mafia must have been there, just loitering around.  Who hangs out at a gas station?!? While they were busting up their rap and hip hop, we busted up EMO ROCK!  Yup, we got the stares!  heh.  While trying to pull out of the station, we almost got hit twice, but inconsiderate, ghetto ass Asian freaks.  And ya all wonder why I'm so not Asian!  Heh

We then headed off to Golfland for some mini-golf.  Brian joined us, and we all played a good game.  After that, we hit the arcade for a bit.

Brian and I hit downtown SJ, while the rest went home.  There was a huge blackout from the south end of campus to South Campus.  We ventured through the darkness.... totally weird.  We then headed to Britannia Arms through Santa Clara Street, where the tards from the eastside were pimping out their lowriders and blasting crap music.  we sought refuge in the west end of downtown at The Brit.  Although there were quite a few hotties there, it wasn't really kicking.

As I approached my car, which was parked a block away, I saw that someone busted the passenger side 1/4 pop-out window.  Argh!  I ended up getting a hold of Greg and Justin, and went to their house.  They were building a new roof enclosure for Broide.  We then went Pick 'n Pull to get myself a replacement window.  $20 is not bad for a replacement!  Luckily, it was a screw-in window.  I waited by Justin's Prius, talking on the phone with Adam, as I waited for Justin and Greg to come back.

We headed back to the house, vacumed out the broken glass, and installed the new window.  Then I rode on the back of Chris's scooter w/Greg and Justin took his morotcycle and we went to the Taco Hell/KFC on Bascom.

Later on, I went back to my apartment, changed, and headed over to Matt's (dancin_whitey) birthday party.  I was the first to show up, and everyone started trickling in after.  Good food, drinks, people, and fun!  "On my gay cruise, I brought an apricot, baby, condom, drip, elephant, faggot, gay, handjob, IVD, joke, kink, lover, metamucil, nurse, orange, pantaloons, queso, rimjob, Sebastian, (What the hell was T? *drinks*), umbilical cord, viagra, Woody Woodpecker, xylophone, yo, zebra.

Then a bunch of us went to a rave in SF.  Never been to a rave before.  New experience, but wansn't the greatest nor the worst.   A lot of cute HS boys high on E.  I heard sex on E was really good, not that I've ever tried E... heh

Spent most of the day sleeping.  Hit mass @ SCU, then met up with the SJSU group at O'Flaharaty's for the Cinequest closing party.  Hot independent filmmakers getting drunk :P  Yum!  Saw Larry, whom I haven't seen since he moved to NY. 

For the most part, an intersting weekend :)

BTW, haven't mentioned this yet, but in two weeks, I'll be in Vegas and Disneyland for Spring Break :)

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