Rex (rapp81) wrote,


BUS 189 exam kicked my ass... Oh well, I've been getting A's on all of my stuff in that class, and the prof likes me, so I'm not too worried.

Went to Valley Fair, as usual, before KoC.  Mmmm, man candy :)  LOL  Ended up buying a Quiksilver tshirt for $10 at Macy's.  Had Panda Express for dinner.  Looked like an ass in front of a couple of cute skater boys, because I mistaken the server for putting the wrong entree on my plate and almost yelled at her.

A fucking great time at KoC (koc_luvrs)!  Drank some Green Beer for St. Paddy's day, and then some.  Ph0x and I showed up pretty much at the same time...which was hella early, so we chatted it up for a bit.  Always good to see Alex (cekyr0) and Jeff (jeffercine) there, as I tend to have a blast when they're around.  Had a few instances of the past I would like to forget brought up during the evening (two separate, independent instances).  Oh well :/  I ended up staying slightly beyond closing.  I drove up to Hercules afterwards

Got up, did some stuff around the house.  Drove over to De La Salle to pick up my sister, who ended up not needing a ride.  Payed a visit to my cousin in the development office.  Then decided to give Rick a visit in his classroom.  He was doing some book conferences with a few students, but after that we chatted for about an hour and a half or so.  Talked about a lot of random stuff, but it was a good convo.

Ran over to Costco to pick up some pictures for my mom, then picked up my sister at her friend's house.  Got home, stayed for a bit, then went to Vallejo for my aunt's birthday.

Went to SF with my mom and sister.  Met up with my mom's friend.  Went shopping for my sister's dress for her 18th birthday.  Meh.  Hit the Jessica McClintock factory store on Potrero Hill, then went over to Stonestown.  The AnF store at Stonestown is old school!  I kinda like it that way.

Anyways, didn't do anything else too exciting

It was Palm Sunday, so went to mass with my family at the church I kinda despise.  I missed the memo, because everyone was wearing red in the congregation.  (I was wearing a black Split polo and jeans) Heard the pastor say his usual I would find it hard to not see any Catholic attend service on Easter Sunday.  Let people decide for themselves, stop commanding their every move!  This is why I attend services at SCU.  The Jesuits never preach to their congregation to do one thing or another as harsh as a parish pastor would do.

Went to KoC for a couple of hours last night... crowd was mainly the regulars, not too busy.  I ended up going back to my apartment, and sleeping by 11:30

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