Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Fil-Am politicians making the ethnicity look retarded

So there's this huge debate in Hercules right now about Wal-Mart coming in and bulding on an undeveloped parcel of land by the bay waterfront.  In Hercules, we don't elect mayors, we elect city council members who are rotated into the mayor position during their term.  The current mayor, Batara is a filipino immigrant and in today's paper, made a grossly exaggerated anaolgy in today's Contra Costa Times.  Filipinos tend to exaggerate or go to the extreme with basically anything, and I mean anything.  They tend to not have the concept of moderation or describing things that aren't grossly exaggerated.
Batara said the issue has pitted neighbor against neighbor and degenerated into incivility and obscene rhetoric. A vote, he said, would dispel misinformation and settle a divisive issue he likened to the Civil War.

Councilwoman Charleen Raines challenged Batara: She said she had heard no four-letter words and asserted the debate was a splendid example of American democracy at work.

Just an FYI, Asians make up about 43% of Hercules's population, about 65+% of which are filipino.  Whites come in second with about 28%.  Where do I fall, in between, of course!  Heh.

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