Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Hot or Not Woahs / Making Compaints to UPD only to have them dealt with HOUSING

First the HoN thing...

I love my friends, but it seems that they're the only ones interested in meeting me :/  LOL  If you don't know what I'm talking about, I have a profile on Hot or Not, in which guys can click "Yes" if they want to meet me.  Once they do that, an email gets sent to me saying someone wants to meet me and has a link to their profile.

Well, I ether get ugly old guys or friends who already know me.

At least it's good to know that my friends want me on HoN.  Heh :)

On to the UPD/Housing issue...

My window faces the Engineering building, right at the bus/shuttle stop the university shares with VTA.  The university uses the stop for the Park and Ride shuttle to South Campus (the PR Lot/Spartan Village/Spartan Stadium) and the Esplanade shuttle.

The Esplanade is the apartment complex in Japantown Housing contracted with a few years ago (when it was being developed) to help with the housing shortage during the Campus Village construction.

Well, on a daily basis, the driver of the Esplanade shuttle from late afternoon through the end of the shuttle service at around 9-10 is constantly blaring his horn, as he turns from Seventh on to San Fernando, to get cars completely out of the long-ass stop.  VTA doesn't really care and just goes behind them, but this driver, from West Valley Charter, acts mad all the time, just blaring his horn like no other!  And it's not just a daily occurance... it happens several times each day (Monday - Thursday)

Today, I got fed up and called University Police (408-924-2222 should be droned in every SJSU student's head).  The dispatcher took down all of my info and placed me on hold, only to come back and tell me that HOUSING was responsible for this matter and transferred me over there.  Argh, I hate dealing with the housing main line.  (I used to live in housing)  The student at the desk took my complaint down, but didn't ask for my contact info.  If things don't improve after Spring Break, I'm going to the housing office over at Joe West.  Yikes, to be in Joe West again... It's been years since I've entered that building!

Oh yeah, speaking of Spring Break, I'M FINALLY ON IT :)


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