Rex (rapp81) wrote,

You know you go to Carondelet if…

Someone posted this in the DLS/CHS MySpace group... Sad thing is, most of this list was true when during my time (as dentoed by boldface type).
  1. You own at least one pair of Cathy Jeans or Jack Purcell’s
  2. You drive a Jetta/Honda (my time... most of them were the ones we called the muffs)
  3. You have at least 15 different ribbons for your hair (totally muff)
  4. You go starbucks/noahs/jambaa juice every Wednesday morning
  5. You walk to DLS just to use the bathroom then walk back to CHS
  6. You signed up for Italian so you could have class with boys
  7. You have a pretty good relationship with the person who hems your skirt
  8. You bitch if the good bagels are sold out or if all the cookies are gone
  9. You go out of your way to avoid the freshman hallway
  10. Your friends wrap your locker for your birthday
  11. You pray in the beginning of every class and everyone prays for their “special situations”
  12. You have the signature Tiffany bracelet
  13. You wear leg warmers
  14. You have Andrew Mercer as your MySpace friend
  15. You finish your homework during prayer
  16. You use the word “legit” at least 5 times a day
  17. You can recite all the lines from “Mean Girls” and “Napoleon Dynamite”
  18. You run to your car after 6th so that you don’t have to wait for 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot
  19. You feel pressure to donate money to the 100 different clubs who think they will save the world
  20. You watch more DLS sports than CHS sports and you brag about DLS as if it is your school
  21. When people don’t know what Carondelet is you tell them it’s the school across the street from DLS and then they know
  22. You make matching t-shirts for every non-formal dance, and pray your slogan gets approved
  23. It takes you 3 times to park straight
  24. You have something on your car the notifies the world that you go to CHS (License plate holder, sticker, Writing on your back window during sports seasons ect.)
  25. You are willing to spend $5.50 on Panda Express because it’s just that good
  26. You bring $10.00 for food on Spirit days and spend all of it
  27. You notice that all the girls actually eat lunch when its closed campus
  28. 75% of your wardrobe is from Hollister/Abercrombie
  29. You always get “Sidewalked” on your way to DLS when your already late for your class
  30. You complain when seniors have off campus on Thursday even though they buy you food anyway
  31. The OC is the number one topic of discussion on Friday mornings
  32. As much as you claim to hate CHS you know its 1 billion times better than the last catholic school you went to
  33. People look at you funny when you go places in your uniform and always ask you if you go to Carondelet as if they can’t see the CHS logo on your polo
  34. Or people ask you if you go to DLS because they think it’s just one big school
  35. You wore a black ribbon in your hair the Friday after the last “Friends” episode aired as if it was some kind of mourning period
  36. You go tanning during the winter because you have to wear skirts all year long because you refuse to wear Sue Mills
  37. You draw black stars on your hand and claim to be the most emo person in the entire world
  38. You put on make-up at the end of every class even 3rd period when you know you’re just going to an all girls class next
  39. Text messaging is a major part of your life ( If you are sly enough to get away with it)
  40. You are secretly afraid that the deans are reading your MySpace at this very moment and are going to call your parents, grandparents, friends parents, teachers, priest and anyone else you know to tell them what a bad kid you are
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