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I had a post almost done, but extreme turbulance on the flight and the fact that my laptop decided to not hibernate properly pretty much killed my original post.

The joys of in-class internet.  On Tuesday, my BUS 190 professor was late.  I checked the Amtrak real-time status page for the ETA of his train from Davis to SJ (which is about 100 miles) and saw that his train was 29 or so minutes late.  A bunch of us decided to leave Tuesday after I told them the ETA.  Well, on Thursday, we had a hunch that his train was going to be exessively late again.  So once again, I checked.... his train's ETA was 9:23.  Our class started at 9, and he still has to make the mile trip via public transit from the Diridon Station to campus.  We all comtemplating whether or not to leave, but sometime after 9, he comes walking in the door.  He decided to drive down 680, and took him four hours to commute.  Damn!

Did my usual VF run before KoC (koc_luvrs).  Decided to hit Santana Row, since it's been forever since I crossed the street from VF.  Bumped into Charles at Borders, then went back to VF.  Cute boys on spring break :P

KoC was utterly dead at first, but totally picked up and managed to stay a bit past last call.

This was going to be my only slothing day of my break.  Got a haircut, and laid back and vegged on the net all day.

I wasn't really planning on going out that night, but I got drunken SMSs from Scott (biglovescott) who was in the Castro with Nick (slipsbyandstops) and Ken (who was visiting from So Cal).  Ken then called me and asked where the hell I was.  Originally, I declined their offers to meet up in the city (as it was 11:30, and it would take me about 50 minutes to drive up from SJ), but I decided, what the hell?!?

For some retarded reason, I took 280 up to SF.  Driving up a four lane freeway, that's mostly dark and empty at midnght can be fun as you can speed, but bad because you don't really realize that you are driving hella fast!  I was clocking in at about 95 while driving through Hillsborough.

Made it in to the Castro and met up with the trio at The Cafe.  After a short time there, and Ken molesting me, we headed over to The Mix where I just had a beer.  Yeah, Ken totally molested me in the bathroom :-)  If I didn't have drive back to SJ and him have to go back to Novato (Marin County), I would have had a bit more fun with that... heheheh

Freeze tag @ Stanford!  Bjorn (entropyca) picked me up and rode with Tim (timenchanter).  Met up with Alex and Jeff (cekyr0 &jeffercine) then found Stan (trivialt) and Jason (kozmic_tar) (who I'd never thought would see at tag ever again!).  Eventually David (deekers) showed up as well.  Played several good rounds.  Met some new players.  Did the In 'n Out in MV afterwards, scoping out all the young boys who would walk in :P  Totally great!

Got back to my apartment and called Chris (crhale) to see how Matt's (onetake) going away party was going.  He said it was still kicking.  I still had to pack my stuff as I was heading up to my mom's in Hercules afterwars, so I was delayed.  Having SJPD block off downtown streets because of the ghetto retarards cruising from the eastside in their lowriders didn't help matters.  All I wanted to do is get on to 87 south, damnit!

I eventually got to Matt's only to find out that most of the gang had left a few minutes prior... thanks, guys!  I hung around for a bit, said Matt good-bye, and headed to Hercules.

I'm not too familiar with the NSJ/Alviso area, so I got somewhat lost around the Cisco campus en route over to 237 :/

Woke up, went to the cemetary with most of the extended family as it was the anniversary of my dad's death.  Then went to Easter Sunday service.  Some DILFs who don't go to mass regularly were there... LOL  Then had everyone over at our house.

Found out details about how a former roommate of mine got totally drunk at O'Flahaty's the night before from my brother who was there.  I should have stopped by, but I thought they were already gone.

It was just the usual family stuff... so nothing else all to exciting, except for the fact that they had a humerous conversation about the Wendy's finger incident.  My mom asked if I ate there, and I told her I don't hang around Monterey Rd/Monterey Highway... I live downtown :)  My mom also doesn't realize that San Jose is the third largest city in CA, behind LA and San Diego.

Trip details to follow :)

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