Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Birthday Outings, Drama Between Bartenders, Fun times with Rock 'n Docs and more!

This has been a very cool weekend.

Let's start with St. Patrick's Day. The original plan was to go to Flat's and/or the Brit, but the Flat was charging $20 for food per person and Chris and Roshnee simply didn't want to go out. So we had a small get together at Chris's apartment. There are a couple of pics of Chris and Rosh acting retarded in the Moblog

Thursday started off with the typical karaoke night @ KoC. I didn't stay the whole night. At around midnight, I caught up with the SJSU gang at Flat's to celebrate Justin's 23rd birthday. Pics are also in the Moblog. There was drama between bartenders Chris and Rob... I thought it was pretty lame. Oh, get this. There's this guy who always comes into KoC to sell flowers. I saw him as usual on Thursday night at KoC, but I saw him again at O'Flaherty's like two hours later. Wow, that guy goes all over the place!

Friday, I met up with Geno for lunch at Valley Fair. He couldn't stay too long so I went for some shopping. I just got my federal tax refund direct deposited, so I had money :) Later on that night, I met up with Roshnee at Flat's and finally met her friend, Katie. I now have to yet meet her other Antioch friend, Jeff and I am the sole one in SJ who has yet to meet him. Katie is a very cool person and instantly liked her from the start. Greg and Justin later came by to meet up wtih us. Drama ensued between Greg and Roshnee and I just observed in agony. Some drunk guy started talking to Greg, Justin, and me. When he left, he left a good amount of pot on the table. Hmmm.... Greg decided to wrap it in a napkin and put it in his pocket for safe keeping.

Saturday, I was sitting around the house, catching up on some stuff. Then I headed over to Brian's for yet another one of Chris's Rock 'n Doc premieres... His England Trip. Chris went all out and made/prepped a ton of food: fish and chips (dish sticks and seasoned fries), pork bangers, salt and vinegar chips, smoked cheese and crackers. After that, I went up to Mt. View for a party Michael P. invited me and a bunch of people to. Details about the party are in The AB/Friends Only post.

Sunday... While I was emptying the dishwasher, I noticed that the floor was wet. One of the hoses to the water filter had a hole and was leaking badly. So I had to shut off the water and wipe the floor. After that mess, I did some laundry and watched E!'s 101 Reasons Why the 90's Ruled. I keep watching the part's I've already seen and there's a total of 5 hours of it! Alright... going to post in The AB, then head off to KoC

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