Rex (rapp81) wrote,

The Spring Break Edition of the WIR: Part One - Vegas =)

Got up, did some laundry and half-hazard packing for Vegas.  Had to drive by Lez's house to drop something off from my sister.  (Got to go through the roundabout... love that thing!)

Scott (biglovescott) picked me up and we headed to the Oakland Airport.  The parking shuttle dropped us off at Southwest Terminal (Terminal 2), even though most Southwest flights to Vegas fly out of Terminal 1, where we should have been dropped off.  Oh well, I'm used to the walk :)

I had an "A" boarding pass and Scott had  "B" boarding pass, so we split up while waiting to board the plane.  While waiting, I started an SMS session with Scott, telling him to check out certain hot guys in line.  Yeah, most of them were borderline legal, but mmmmm....

The flight over was thrilling, to say the least.  We hit some major turbulence, that made the plane go up and down, and side to side.  At one point, while some passengers were screaming for their lives, I was raising my arms up as if I were on a roller coaster, because it sure as hell felt like it.  I don't remember having so much fun on a flight like that before!

We finally made it to Vegas and boarded the tram to exit the terminal.  After hearing the overhead automated announcement, I told Scott I was expecting to hear, Next Pittsburg/Bay Point train in 10 minutes, mocking in a Stephen Hawking-type voice.  I then told him how I wondered how BART had such a shitty announcement system, compared to MUNI Metro's nice lady who sounds natural. 

When we left the Bay Area, it was nice and sunny.  When we landed in Vegas, it was windy and raining!  The wind and rain was so bad, the wind blew the rain ever so hard through the driver's side window as we tried to check out the rental car.

After spending about a half hour to go two or so miles, we checked into the fabulous Hotel San Remo Casino & Resort , which is soon to be the Hooters Hotel & Casino in 2006.  Apparently there was some running joke with all of the Century auditors about this hotel and they decided to book there for this audit trip.

I crashed on Scott's couch for a bit while we waited for Adam and JJ (another auditor) to arrive.  They finally did, and I moved my stuff over to Adam's room.  Scott managed to get Adam's sliding door off its track, so we had to ask front desk to get someone to fix it.

For dinner, we went to Battista's Hole in the Wall.  Food was good, and the servers were hot :P  Too bad we got the 55+ y/o server :(

Later on, we went around the southern end of the strip.  Hit MGM Grand.  Only had $40 in my wallet so I wasn't planning on gambling, but Adam pitched in $60 (thanks again, Adam) so I could play with them at a blackjack table.  I was on a total roll, winning up to about $50, but it went all downhill from there.  I went down to $5, and since it was a $10 minimum table, I had to stop :(  Adam faired ok, but Scott... damn him.  At the end of the trip, he won $1700, but some of that had to be compensated for his earlier loss from an Indian casino.

This happened as I was typing this: Chris (crhale) yells out my name out his window as he drives by my apartment on San Fernando St.!  LOL!  Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

EDIT:Weather was way better... Sunny and nice :)

Had a late lunch at the Rio buffet.  OMG, I totally bloated myself there!  After that, watched the evening news.  Biggest story in "The Valley", local news anchor dies after car accident in CA's Death Valley.  Apparently she grew up in SJ and graduated from SJSU so NBC11 covered the story too.

After napping, they decided to hit the MGM grand again.  I was totally boy scouting as Scott and Adam played blackjack.  There was this one cute boy who was wearing the same exact AE shirt I was wearing.  We both noticed it at the same time.

Then, Scott and Adam did a night audit while I stayed in the room for the rest of the night.  I was poor and hitting the Strip by myself didn't seem to intriguing for me.

They had a morning audit, so I spent most of the morning just hanging around.  We checked out, hit the Green Valley Resort in Henderson before our flight, gawked at some of the cute guys there, as usual.  Had lunch at this nice Irish pub in the resort.  Good food :)  The TV's were tuned to REAL football... Beckham is so yummy!

We headed to the airport, took forever to get through security (apparently it was unusually busy), had a cute boy behind me :), and hung around Adam & JJ's gate (they were flying to Sacramento) where a cute Southwest employee, who was obviously gay, was manning.  I went to get a Cinnabon at the food court and JJ just happen to witness me fumble my boxed delight as I tried to save it from falling to the floor.

While Scott and I waited for our flight, I couldn't help but notice the hot boy sitting in front of me.  I later find out, through his sweatshirt, that he belonged to Lamorinda Water Polo.  I knew he had to have been from Lamorinda (for those not in the know, it stands for Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda... the communites next to each other in Contra Costa County, where some of the county's wealthy, hot white boys come from!)

As we boarded the plane, another hot boy stared at Scott and me... gay, perhaps?  We ended up sitting with a cute business man in his early 40s.

Vegas was ok, but still fun.  Detals about my Southland/Disneyland trip to follow...

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